Tuesday, March 11

Award Winning Moldable Mouse From Lite-On

The traditional mould in which manufacturer’s of computer peripherals used bring out their products, focused on one single ideology that what works for one person will work for every one else.

However, with increasing competition and the constant struggle to remain on the top of heap has forced them to rethink on their strategy, focus on innovativeness and more importantly cater to individual customer’s need.

Lite-On has come up with a moldable mouse, a concept design which is made of lightweight modeling clay and covered with a nylon and polyurethane blend fabric and hence, can be kneaded into desired shapes by users.

Traditionally the mouse is made of hard plastic, and even the most ergonomically designed mouse followed the ideology mentioned above.

The salient features of the concept mouse are as follows:

The Moldable Mouse is made of non-toxic lightweight modeling clay, covered with nylon and polyurethane blend fabric. It can be kneaded into any shape the user prefers, and the shape is self-retaining.

It allows a wide variety of hand positions when holding the mouse; hence, it reduces repeated motions of the same posture, thereby minimizing the chance of common mouse-related injuries such as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The click buttons and touch-sensitive scroll pad of the mouse are stick-on parts with built-in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device), which can be repositioned for maximum comfort.

The nylon and polyurethane blend fabric covering comes in a variety of colors. The texture of the material feels similar to silk, but is much more flexible. Its softness significantly increases the comfort level of the mouse over that of the traditional plastic versions.

Patterns and graphics can be printed on the fabric to make the Moldable Mouse more visually appealing.

The base of the mouse, made of 100% recyclable PC/ABS plastic blend, houses the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), laser optics and batteries.

Reducing plastic usage to a minimum by using mostly non-toxic clay and fabric, the Moldable Mouse is also an ecologically responsible product.

The Moldable Mouse from Lite-On had won the Red Dot Award for the Design Concept 2007.

Source: Red Dot

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