Monday, March 24

Cell Phones & Cutting Edge Technology Makes for a Heady Mix ! ! ! !

I did come across an article on unwired talking about Apple applying for a patent for a "Dual Sided Trackpad". Made me do a double take. I had to chk this one out.

I have heard about Dual sided phones like the one from Sprint. But dual sided trackpad??

As you can see from the patent file pics, the transparent trackpad can act as a normal multi-functional touch screen which emulates all the functionality of the iPhone when the phone the device is closed.

When the phone is flipped open the trackpad can act as a keypad showing the standard T9 keypad layout, or the user can draw the number he/she wants to dial, and host of other features.

Well who does not want to make hay when the sun shines? Apple will surely not miss a chance to make this technology available to its other products and there is already a possibility that Apple might incorporate this feature into its Apple Tablet. Well way to go guys.

The pace at which technology is moving is breathtaking. Apple filed a patent for the iPhone on March 03, 2006 while the “Dual sided trackpad” patent was filed on September 06, 2006.

For more detailed information one can check out the full article on unwired

Source: unwired

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