Thursday, March 13

Nokia Morph: Nanaotechnology In Full Flow

Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge unveiled on February 25th, a joint nanotechnology concept titled “Morph” which will be on view from February 24 to May 12, 2008, at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Morph is being touted as a futuristic shape changing, self cleaning, transparent electronics and self charging (through harvesting) mobile phone. The interface of the phone as shown in the video reminds me of the futuristic computer interface in the movie Minority Report.

The technology behind the Morph concept is Nanotechnology.

The video gives us a graphical demonstration of the Morph’s capabilities. I have refrained from giving an insight into Morph’s capability to preserve the shock and awe element. The video is self explanatory and describes all the features of the concept phone.

The phone can be stretched into any shape as desired by the user and it still retains the touch interface. Wow….However, this technology will not be available any time soon. For the individual concepts or ‘elements of morph’ to be incorporated in to our everyday usable mobile phones, might take around 7 years. Expect the cost of such phones to be astronomical.

How feasible is this technology….only time will tell.

Source: Nokia


  1. Morph is a beguiling vision! These devices can connect the physical world with the digital world !!!!!

  2. Morph had left us wide-eyed too...futuristic technology....what do you say Henry?

  3. I completely agree wid u man!!!

  4. I'm thinking, as soon as the Morph hits the markets, then travel via instant teleportation won't be far off

  5. @ Bandit

    We are feverishly hoping that this concept does not gets shelved. Thanks for your comment.


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