Wednesday, May 21

Prefer Gadgets With Bluetooth? These Will Certainly Rank High In The List

With every gadget maker including Bluetooth functionality in the gadgets they make, no wonder, from toasters to watches, refrigerators to picture frames, they are all Bluetooth enabled.

That being said, here are two cool gadgets that function mainly using Bluetooth technology.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

This one comes straight off some alien mother ship and small enough to fit snugly into one’s palm, weighing about two ounces. The virtual laser keyboard (VKB) projects a full size QWERTY keyboard. Seen the movie Die Hard 4.0 where the kid uses a foldable rubber keyboard. This VKB goes one step further by projecting the keyboard itself onto a flat surface. As you type on the laser projection, detection technology based on optical recognition enables the user to tap the images of the keys, complete with realistic tapping sounds, which feed into the compatible Bluetooth-enabled PDA, Smartphone, laptop or PC. The company claims that this is more convenient to use than the foldable rubber ones.

The drawbacks are that it requires a non-reflective, opaque flat surface for projection of the keyboard and offers an illumination of 600 lux. It supports Bluetooth v1.1 class 2 while most of the modern devices sport a v2.0 Bluetooth spec.

It costs about $160.

MBW – 150 Bluetooth Watch from Sony Erickson

Like any other watch, apart from the fact that it vibrates when you receive a call on your Sony Erickson mobile phone and also lets you switch tracks and adjust the volume on the phone via Bluetooth. The OLED display in the watch shows the track currently playing on your phone. When one moves out of the range of the phone (which is approx 10 meters), the phone tells you that you are out of range.

The phone is set in stainless steel covered with mineral crystal glass and is water resistant to boot!

This device supports Bluetooth 2.0 and costs about $400.


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