Thursday, June 19

Happiness & sadness, both are momentary...

Many times few incidences in life teaches us a lot, it teaches us what any teacher in our school/college days could not make us realize....sometimes they do try to make us realize but we do not realize it so well until we experience it ourselves! Life teaches us the hard & bitter realities. I feel that in life, happiness comes wearing a mask of sadness and sadness comes wearing a mask of happiness! So when we are happy, we should be strong enough to withstand if that happiness is stolen from us all of a sudden in spite of all our sincere and indefinite struggle to keep it with us….and if we are sad, we must be optimistic enough to wait for the coming happiness and should inculcate endurance to bear the torments! Isn’t it?

(Who else can manage to smile with tears in eyes, except a child? Thats the innocence we arrive with in this world. And then???...)

We should never indulge in vain hopes, if such hopes try to creep into our heart & mind, then we must get rid of it & root it out from our heart & mind..or else it makes our heart ache like hell…!!!

I believe in a truly loving heart more than God, I feel God's presence in that kind of heart...God should be within our hearts...and not some where out there in temples...if I am honest to the God within me, then God will surely be with me in every step of life, whether its a victory or loss..and guyz sometimes "loss" or "defeat" teaches us the best of lessons which "success" or "victory" can't teach!!!

Shilpa C Nangali

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  1. Hey very true…article is very much moving...filled with intense emotions & experiences of battling against know once I was in so much of pain, I was embarrassed a lot... that time one of my friend asked me- "are u unhappy or u cease to be happy?"...I realized that the latter was true!Just felt like sharing this...

  2. Thanks a lot Tracy for sharing this with us :)This inspires us to move on with satisfaction that we are able to reach people all over the world...Thanks a ton.

  3. Well, I am from Springdale... accidentally I came across this article, but it was worth it..I have bookmarked this blog now..will be checking for updates :)


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