Monday, June 23

The Numbers Are Still Ringing In For Firefox

Though I have downloaded Firefox 3, I am yet to install it as some of my favorite add-ons are still not compatible. They are Snap Links and Diigo. I just cannot do without these.

At the time of writing this post, the number of downloads for Firefox 3.0 was at 17,649,216. Firefox had broken through the 5 million download ceiling some 14 hours after it had released its new version and ended up clocking around 8.3 million downloads for 24 hours.

Overwhelmed by the number of downloads and the oodles of support for its open source browser, Firefox has thanked all its users at its Spread Firefox site and has asked the users to be patient while their judges and Guinness validate the record attempt.

However, the release was in a way marred by the reports of an vulnerability surfacing just hours after the download day had begun. Of course, a certain section of the media also pointed out the timing of the announcement (of the vulnerability) which coincided with the record attempt by Mozilla, was to derive mileage from the buzz created around the record attempt. Although Mozilla was tight-lipped about the vulnerability, there were reports abound in the electronic media that “user interaction is necessary for the vulnerability to be exploited.”

With this release, Firefox has again reignited the browser wars with reports already trying to compare its features with that of latest iterations of Opera and Safari, and of course the inevitable comparison with of IE 8 beta.

For a full review of Firefox 3, check out the article at Information Week.

I also did come across another tidbit which stated that a portable version of Firefox 3.0 is available at Portable Apps.

That’s the news roundup for Firefox so far. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so here:

Firefox 3


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