Monday, July 14

A bed of roses...!

By Shilpa Nangali

One of my friend was saying that life is not always a bed of roses like in school/college days. I told him that life is always a bed of roses with petals and thorns both...sometimes happiness like petals will kiss us and make us feel a complete bliss. However, sometimes hurdles/sufferings trouble us like thorns...!

My friend said : "Ya you are right,but it is so hard". I agree it is hard, but it is good for us. Thorns manifest more evidently after school/college days, and this is to make us independent in removing those thorns out of our life by ourselves. We need to accept that and be stronger.

We learn a lot from our lives battling against several kinds of hurdles we encounter. Isn't it? That's why, I think Gandhiji said: MY LIFE IS MY MESSAGE! How is a learning experience at each stage.


  1. Generally. people say "life is not always a bed of roses"..but u say "life is always a bed of roses, by comparing joy to petals n sorrow/problems to thorns..that way of thinking is mind blowing...i really appreciate your positive attitude towards life..

  2. If I review 62years of my life, I can see that I had led a fruitful life, it does not matter to me whether it was fair or not…coz I believe everybody has his or her share of fair and unfair incidents. It’s how you live it that matters…nice thought by the way…I really loved it

  3. Great article you have penned down... Its always a pleasure to go through your articles. Its quite relishing.... the real life stories you write... Todays article all is good except the last where you mentioned...Gandhi's quote --- My life is my message. Do you think its always possible to win by Ahimsa?? As I come from a family with my great grand parents having fought for independence in Extremist version, I am of the opinion that you require both Ahimsa and Himsa to go hand in hand... To me Gandhi's life doesnt bear any importance to Indian independence...If we all would have followed him, perhaps we would have still been searching for freedom till date. It is bcz greats like sahid Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, Subhas Bose, Kanailal, Bagha Jatin and so on co existed with Ganndhi's view of Ahimsa that we are lucky enough to be under free rule... Any ways a great article. I always enjoy browsing ur articles. Keep it up!!! My comment was also meant for spreading the non-Gandhi view...

  4. @Arunava

    The last line of my article, which includes Gandhiji's quote- "my life is my message " had lot of influence on me..not with regard to himsa or ahimsa but with regard to wat we learn from our lives??? I never wrote abt himsa or ahimsa in my article. I always respect others' opinions. If u have a non-Gandhian view, that's fine. U knw I believe in looking at aspects I can learn frm..and trust me til now in my life the victories I had coz of love are all permanent...but those victories I attained by violence were momentary...himsa means not just violent act right? Using harsh words to hurt others,wounding the feelings of others by gesture, expression, tone of voice and unkind words is also 'Himsa'. Slighting or showing deliberate discourtesy to a person before others is Himsa. To approve of another's harsh actions is indirect Himsa. To fail to relieve another's pain, or even to neglect to go to the person in distress is a sort of Himsa. It is the sin of omission...I am against this kind of himsa...ya you are right...sometimes we need to be a rebel to vanish something wrong, some injustice...that time ahimsa n himsa both shd go hand in hand..take example for Krishna..he supported killing of duryodhana, karna, and all at kurukshetra..that is himsa..but still that was right..coz to give justice wen it cannot be done by ahimsa..dharmo rakshati rakhsitaha...

    Thanks for sharing ur ur honest feelings n opinions Arunava. Its a pleasure to work with all of you as a team of "crazy bloggers"..n no doubt we rock ;)

  5. @Stephen

    Thanks so much. It makes me immensely happy that you are a regular reader of our blog posts.

  6. @Leonid

    Thank you for sharing dis.Experience is not wat happens to a man...instead it is wat a man does with wat happens to him.We learn quite a lot of things frm our elders' experiences. Its reminding me of a quote by Marie Ebner-Eschenbach: "In youth we learn; in age we understand."


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