Tuesday, July 8

Greatest Mystery Of Creations..

By Deeksh

I struggled and searched to find some words new,

And yet I couldn’t capture.

I even find it difficult to write it down,

How do I portray, the love that you pour on me..

Love that no one can ever explain.

Love which is kind and made of sentiments..

Love made of sacrifice and pain..

Love which is unselfishness and endless.

Love that cannot be stolen or destroyed.

Love made of forgiveness and purity..

Love that means everything in the world to me..

Love which makes me feel so special.

Love that wipe my tears and worries..

Love that face my fears.

Love that always cross that extra mile, just to make me smile..

Love that is mystery so far.

Love that Mom shares with her kid..

(Specially dedicated to the Motherhood)


  1. Mother's love is immeasurable;she's the venerable creation of God.Love her, adore and respect her,listen to her,glorious future is ahead of you!A mother's love is consistent
    and patient, it will never fade.

    "A mother's love is warm and
    compassionate, even in the

    Their pain they never show,
    One look at your face and your pain they know..
    That's Mothers' Love...comes right from above !

    Always there with all their care,
    A love so natural and so rare..
    That's Mothers' Love...comes right from above !

    Their advice you may never heed,
    They have an answer to every aching need
    That's Mothers' Love...comes right from above !

    A gift from the Lord above...
    That's Mothers' love.. a precious gift from above !"

    A mother's love will
    always help you through the
    weakest hours. A mother's love is
    strong and will never steer
    you wrong. A true mother's
    love is beautiful in many ways.
    A true mother's love is sincere
    and it takes a mother's love to
    conquer our fears. A true mother's
    love knows the depth of love. A
    true mother's love is contentment,
    just like God's love. My mother's
    love is absolutely all of the above.

  2. hey raki, lovely poem ra...all that I am today I owe to my angels, my parents.

  3. Wonderful lines Deeksh...love it...

  4. @ Deeksh

    Too good a poem deeksh..great lines...keep it coming..

  5. Rakesh, Great!! you have conveyed the feelings so well...


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