Wednesday, July 2


I remember feeling restless in class. Looking at my watch every other second, cursing at the hands that told me there was still time.

I would run the instant the bell rang. Smelling the air of freedom at last, running to catch the first bus I could. The conductor never liked me, or any other kid who used student concessions, but I dint care. The hate was mutual. I’d jump down the bus, run home, throw my bag and run to the place I loved. The lush green ground that spread far and wide, the dark brown pitch in the center, the guys sitting on the neighboring fence (this was the fence to my house by the mom never appreciated this...I could never understand what the fuss was about)...

I would be tensed as to whether I’d get a chance to play. The first twenty two lucky ones could play. I remember not being that good, cutting any chances of reservation in the team. The joy if I got to play, the dejection if I didn’t. Emotion in either case was strong for the 14 year old in me. The little kid who was tired of the bag of books that was just a little less heavy than him, the prick who loathed special classes (and normal classes for that matter) , the clean bath's, the homework and everything his mom thought was good for him.

Today I miss the nasty prick. I wish I cud meet him again. Maybe I could find him in the kids who have taken over.

I was back home after 5 years of college. I had my evening tea and walked out, seeing if I fall upon anything interesting to pass time. I walk through the ground once again. This time, there was not a soul in sight.

Where were the kids?

I saw them in the end.

I was wrong about finding myself in them after all. There they were, fiddling with their fancy gadgets; hi end mobile phones and mp3 players, all the joys of the world in the palm of their hands.

What went wrong? What changed them?

They do not know the joys hidden in the heavenly green ground that is waiting for their running feet …or they just choose to ignore.

What ever the reason, I pray for them, I pray for their lost innocence. I pray for us.

Most of all… I pray for the little boy in me....the boy who wants to play.



  1. @ Niyad
    Your posting has those Intense feelings…which takes readers deep into their childhood…
    It remind me days of innocence… days of purity… days worth memorizing… days of my childhood…
    I call it heaven!!
    Technology apart!!
    Now I think of my childhood and wonder if I can get back to those wonderful days….
    Thank you for refreshing childhood…

  2. From past few years,I couldn't reach the child within me, the child that had been frozen in time, and I didn't feel fully alive because that child had been left behind due to some reason. The only one who could go in and get her out was Me. I tried a lot and it was worth every the child within me is AWAKE..and the best part is I can just be MYSELF now:)Your article reminded me of this transformation I had made!!!

    In the rush through our hectic days, many of us are so busy being "adults" by addressing our responsibilities and obligations that we forget there is still a part of us that is essential to our well-being and happiness....the child within us. It is my belief that child deserves to be, and should be, acknowledged in order to maintain a healthy balance in our day-to-day doings and also to remind ourselves of the fun and joy that exists in each one of us.

    My dad used to tell me this always:
    "Irabeku irabeku ariyada kandana taraha..." We should never be full of pride comes before a fall!!!!

  3. Long live the Child within us!!

  4. Hey Niyad..!
    very nice post..very wel written..anybody and everyone wud love to get back to der childhood..the post also reminded me of my childhood days..

  5. A pleasant article which takes us to our childhood..

    Niyad Great one .. Keep Posting bro..

    Finally i can say one thing "Niyad Mar dala yar"..

  6. @ Shilz, Hari, Prathima, Deeksh

    Thanks a heap feels great when you know people liked what you have written..

    when we take a little time out of our busy lives to think about the good times we had, it makes the times we live in very special in gives us the inspiration to live our life to the fullest so that these days fill up the good memories in the years to come..

    thanks once again..hope to write u all


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