Wednesday, July 9

Roomba! Roomba!!

By Deeksh

“One company doesn’t make an industry” said, iRobot’s CEO, Colin Angle.

But iRobot’s vacuum cleaning robot has made a recognition symbol for the robotic vacuum cleaning industry around the world.

Welcome to the world of Roomba.

Robots are being increasingly used for household chores. Today, I will take you to the RoombaBedford, MA. world. The Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner made and sold by iRobot, a company founded by Colin Angle, Helen Greiner and Rodney Brooks. iRobot recently had a grand opening of it’s new headquarters in

When I saw the Roomba, it looked like a dinner-plate picking up dirt.

hE hEE

I wondered if people wanted this craze roaming around their home. But the answer was astonishing, over 2.5 million Roombas have been sold by January 2008.

Consumers are attached to these robotic vacuum cleaners; some give names and treat like a pet.

The Roomba automatically cleans your floor while you enjoy life. Isn’t it a perfect robotic home pet!!

One step further, owners have started dressing up their Roomba. Now, consumers can listen to the screaming of the Roomba for clothes.

hE hEE

Cleaning the floor was never so easy. With the press of a button, this incredible gadget cleans your floors. It has the ability to automatically recharge.

I am honestly impressed with this gadget!!

Has anyone tried this …

What is your experience …


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  2. iRobot is a dream company... People have been always amazed with robots and how it would help them to u know get lazier... iRobot is an amazing company coz of their diversifying range of robots which can be used not only in household but also in military, where it can bring down the death count drastically.. wish to get a franchise in India if possible..heheh :)

  3. Do v expect this type of services in india after 2-4 years??????


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