Thursday, August 7

…An ode to living in the present

I woke up early this morning..
Feeling kinda weird…
What’s up with this morning.. I wondered
Scratching my sloppy beard

The walls …once… were grey
Now …they are a shade of cream
Am I really feeling all this??
Or is this ….just a dream??

Let me get out of bed, I thought
N wash these feelings away..
But why do I need to do that? I thought
I kinda like it this way

Why are things so different
From what it used to be???
Why do I feel the whole world
Is smiling back at me??

Will this last the distance??
Will I feel the same??
It’d be sad to lose all this
It’d be such a shame

Let me just not think bout it
Lest it be a crime
Let me just live this life for now
This is… my time…



  1. Is it Life or Love that drives the passion to live?

    Both are synonym I guess!

  2. I would like to quote these lines: "Your passion is as personal as your fingerprint. No one can thrust passion on you. Nor can it be conjured up. It's there, inside, just like your heartbeat."

    I personally feel that life filled with love drives the passion to live! And slowly life teaches us how to turn pain into passion...once u unfold that secret, u hit ur target!

  3. If you’re in a job, a relationship, or any other kind of situation that sucks your passion, you’re probably trapped in the apathy cycle. See if you can inject fresh energy, to initiate the passion cycle. But if that’s too exhausting, the situation might require too much energy to be worth fixing. In that case, start finding people and places that generate passion give you the best possible chance of being your best.

    To paraphrase something I once read somewhere:

    Being in an apathy cycle isn’t your fault. Staying in an apathy cycle situation is.


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