Wednesday, August 6

A Small Tribute To Verghese Sir On His Last Day At EmPower

Dear Sir,

Perhaps we all have seen glowing stars in the night sky illuminating others on their path. They are rare and they are regarded as “Pathfinders”. They are like light houses showing the way to a lost traveler in the endless sea of struggle. That’s how Sir has been to me all these three months that I spent at EmPower. It is also my end of Probation at EmPower and I am looking to go out there ready to bloom in full majesty, ready to be a bright star at EmPower. The two events, my confirmation this week and Sir’s last day at EmPower this week have coincided. Like a tigress bids goodbye to its cubs 8 months after they are born to face the jungle music, she is rest assured that her efforts in bringing up her dear will not go in vain. Similar, on the last day of Verghese Sir at EmPower, we, Team Green Horns will make sure EmPower Earth Campaign will go on as stealthily as it has done so far, barely 3 weeks since its inception and we are proud that you are leaving the firm on a winning note.

As of me, I will miss you as a person who rekindled my writing passions and will not be on his desk to see me blossom, but you will certainly hear from me as I owe my writing prowess to three beings, first my mom who has been there in all my hard times and who has sown the seeds of strong foundation in me, second you who have rekindled in me the lost art of writing and given me the exposure required to get noticed in the global corporate world and last but not the least, the Almighty for whom I have been on the planet against all odds. It is a matter of passion that you have shown in our upbringing of Green Horns Team and given courage to all who have shown great writing skills at 80 Feet Road and EmPower Blog and are glad enough that they can now freely express their ideas to the world.

Last we feel proud that you are still chasing your dreams and we look up to you as a legend who has changed us and our personality in a radical process. You have pushed us and your constant encouragement will remain as a solace in your absence at EmPower. I on the behalf of Team Green Horns wish you success in all your future endeavors.

Arunava Das
Team Green Horns
Guru, Shilpa Sri, Sowjanya, Gunajit, Rakesh, Vijay Sir

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