Thursday, August 21


By Deeksh

Whenever I look at you,

Wonder, if you were born with a smiling face..

It smiles when you smile.

It smiles when you are sad..

It smiles even when you are in daze.

Smile is contagious and,

You are infecting the world.

I do not know, what to do..

All I want to do is, smile back at you.

hE hEE…

Keep Smiling!!

I can do anything to fetch a smile

on your face..


  1. @ Deeksh

    You got me smiling bro..pleasant one..and i know how when you say you'd do anything to fetch a smile..i wouldn't mind goin any length to make very special people smile...Thanks for reminding

  2. @ Niyad..

    You are true Bro..We alws take that Xtra step to make our loved ones SMILE!!
    Anything for that spl one :-)


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