Thursday, September 11

Are you "mentally handicapped"?

By Shilz

This post is in response to my earlier blog titled "Splitsvilla: TRP game play – Laying foundation for growing sick trend in media!"

Thanks for all who have joined their hands with me in blogging about such issues. Let it be small, but atleast we have started to write about such sick trends growing in our society, that matters a lot! So I here by thank everyone who are into this...trying to create an awareness among our youngsters regarding this...whether directly or indirectly! It is often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for amusement of viewers. It is really nonsense to say that broadcasters should not set standards or be obliged to adhere to codes of behaviour, in case of reality shows.Reality TV is debasing and should be strictly controlled, if not banned altogether.

The more harm is that..such shows are impairing the thinking of youngsters. And, not only them even kids.

Once I saw few kids watching TV...looking at those small cute kids..viewing TV most of the time...i felt as if they are becoming "mentally handicapped", yes I use this term for such kids. The harm the TV does on their thinking is beyond one can imagine!


  1. Very true..I also read ur blog on Splitsvilla...absolutely wonderful..i completely agree with ur views

  2. Splitsvilla is a "dumb dames" show. Firstly, only the totally dumb or desperate chicks would like to be going tooth-and-nails over two strange guys who look like the cat-who-swallowed
    the canary.If you want to enjoy the inanities and pity the girls ..... welcome to "Splitsvilla". Should have been "Dumbsvilla".

  3. I consider myself as a 28 year old with an equally active testosterone and other such related hormonal behaviour as any 18- or 20-year-old. And yet I don’t get the fascination (some) youths have developed for an ongoing reality show called Splitsvilla aired on MTV India.

  4. To Shilpa Nangali my dear elder Sis
    Well Didibhai i really agree with you completely that these reality shows are require to be controlled by the authorities. I want to share u 1 thing regarding this topic Didibhai that in our city kolkata a pvt Bengali channel is conducting a dance reality show where one of the contestant named Shanjini was eliminated from the show with much humiliation from the judges and after her elimination she got senceless & nerve failure doctor says its a nero problem & she had been taken to Bangalore in your city Didibhai for further treatment till she is in Bangalore as per my information & undergoing treatment. So i strongly condemn the behavior of the judges as well as the show's environment.Thats why Didibhai i fully support you wholeheartedly for raising this issue about these reality show.
    With love from your little brother Pushpal Ganguly kolkata.


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