Sunday, September 28

Everybody Has A Choice. Destiny Has Got Nothing To With It.

“It's choice--not chance--that determines your destiny” said Harry S Truman.

In a way, it reflected on what I was going through. I always had a choice. I could have said no. But I did not. May be I was being type cast as person who does things differently just to prove a point.

Lots of them were curious to know why I resisted doing things that everyone else would do. Why would I always refuse to go well trodden path and choose the least trodden one?Why can’t you agree? Why do you put such a resistance? Why do you look at things differently? Why? Why?

What happened to all those inspirational mythical tales wherein one gets to shape his own destiny? I guess they are only good enough to be told as bedtime stories for kids. In reality, one has to do what everyone else does. Otherwise, be prepared to be labeled as a rebel. Someone pointed out to me the other day that everyone does the right thing and there is only one way of doing it. I immediately retorted saying that there are a hundred ways of doing the right thing, limited only by one’s imagination and ability.

I have observed that people feel secure, confident, and positive when they set limits to what they do. It’s like building a wall and say that whatever I do within these walls, nothing can go wrong, I can handle it, I am confident.

I have nothing against such people. It’s their choice. But what gets my goat is when they try to build a wall around me. I know my limits. My limits are bound by my imagination and my ability. So if one gives me a job which is beyond ability, I have a choice. I either have to rise above my ability and do the job or simply say no.

I believe there are no walls that can confine one’s imagination and ability. But whether I believe in destiny, I’ll keep it aside to be written about; some other day.



  1. @ RockSta

    “Everybody Has A Choice. Destiny Has Got Nothing To With It.”

    RockSta, throughout ones life, we have a lot of interest in ourselves.. We want to do that – this – and everything that makes us happy. Infact we would like to see our beloved ones happy too.
    Thinking out of box is appreciated, coz thtz how we hav techono world today. If our elders wudn’t hav thot to do smthng different thn life might hav been something different I guess… they thot diff. – did diff. …. Can I say “TRIED” diff.
    Initially they might hav failed..but they dint give up…. Try try n try…until u win… So now its our turn.. Lets think diff. – n make some diff. – in ppl lives. All I wish is… let th diff. – be POSITIVE.
    Personally I think no one will question if one do something different until it is not harming anyone…. It might be strange when u act diff. – or think diff. – .. but who knws.. One day.. U might lead a community.. (community that thinks the way u do… ) ..ha haa….
    Coming back to “Everybody Has A Choice. Destiny Has Got Nothing To With It.”…. U knw wht .. U said Destiny has nothing to do with ur choice… he he…
    Cm’n Pal… U r thinking different coz.. It’s ur Destiny. Its already decided…. U r acting diffi. – Thinking diff. – u wanna do smthng out of box – …u don’t want to be in boundary – …. Ur imagination is endless…. All this is coz… This is ur fate. U r here to bring a change…
    Change that might be a milestone in coming years…. He hee…
    Goodluck RockSta..

  2. @ deeksh

    I agree to disagree. Does that make any sense? Let me try again!

    I believe that choices is what makes us what we are. I do not believe in destiny nor fate. My point still stands.

    If my destiny to become the world's richest person at the age of ...say 45, is already decided, then working for almost 10 hours everyday does not make any sense. Why not sit at home, enjoy life till the age of 45 and then embrace my destiny?

    For the sake of the argument, let me try to give you another perspective.

    Destiny is fluid/dynamic. Every passing second contributes to our destiny. Nothing is fixed, pre-written. Choices we make determines our destiny. Not the other way around.

    Still I would love to see you prove me wrong.

  3. @ RockSta

    I disagree to agree. Definitely make a sense.

    Pal, u misunderstood what I meant. Im not saying sit back and wait for ur Destiny to lead you towards success. No one knows their fate.. Fate is covert – unwinds day-by-day. We all believe in ourselves and many of us believe in destiny. Believing destiny is nothing but to believe in ourselves. N when someone says that u gonna be richest person on earth at ur 45 years age…. It is the hint given to u.. It’s th path tht u need to walk… It is something tht u need to work towards. Evrythng is decided… But each time u walk towards ur destiny.. U r shown many paths to walk on…. But u shud select th right path Pal. In case u choose to walk in wrong way…. It doesn’t mean u r going against destiny. It’s jus clear that u messed up wth destiny .. N so, thrs something new awaited for u in th wrong path tht u selected.
    Whether u choose this or that… Both th ways.. U r welcomed by th destiny.. unwinding something new….

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  5. Well, If everyone had a choice, then the world would be in chaos.
    Thinking if a living organism had a choice he would like to be something different than what he is now. For example, he would be like to born as sheik Abshiek ;-). Just imagine a world just filled with the Bachan clan, ughhh:-(. So I would say it is destiny that decides, and the chance we talk abt is destiny, because there is logic to everything, even to destiny , but not to chance.

  6. Hi guys...

    I BELIEVE in destiny...and i also believe that on the way, i do get many chances to take the best path to it.... I may not know wat i m destined to, but i will definitly reach there..and the path i take to reach it is my Choice...Let me tell u a small story... Its about a person called "Angulimala". He was born to a pandit in the court of King Kosala. According to his birth chart, he was destined to be a mass murderer... Well the king was a wise man, instead of killing this infant, he arranged for the best of education and training in his expense and also named him Ahimsak. Well the boy grew and grew to be the best. In the gurukul, He never hurt a fly and was filled only with noble thoughts for others...But the day came when ppl around him felt jealous of his accomplishments and hatched stories around him, so that he would be despised by his guru. And indeed his guru was blind and despised him...As his guru dakshina, his guru asked him a mala of a thousand forefingers....!!!! And this my friend, is DESTINY, even though he dint want to hurt anyone, situations led him to become a mass murderer...There are countless stories and real life incidents bro... But ur logical thinking is should not be idle or lazy thinking even though they know their destiny...We should always tread the right path... :)

  7. Fate is what we say when we loose something. Have you ever heard anyone saying fate when they win??
    That’s the fate of fate.

    So its clear that each and everything has DESTINY.


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