Tuesday, September 23


I remember almost breaking my nose falling from our giant mango tree. Well, I deserved to fall...coz I was stupid enough to climb tree trunks in the dark. My explanation – chasing fireflies!!! To be frank I wouldn't mind falling all over again if it meant catching hold of one of those beauties. As a kid the fascination I had for fireflies was beyond my fascination for anything I want to acquire today.

The giant mango tree we have in our house used to be a treat for the eyes at night with hundreds of fireflies decorating it. I would chase them till I hurt myself or till my mother hurt me (the latter was more common). On one of the lucky days I would even see them in my room. When I would eventually catch one of them I would close my palms on it and just admire the beauty of God's tiny little creation. As a kid, I always thought that fireflies popped out of heaven...how else would you explain the light??

The other day I was reading an article about fireflies being on the road to extinction, thanks to unfavorable habitat.

The article explained why the mango tree remained dark the last time I looked at it. There I was, standing beneath the massive trunk. My eyes craving for fluorescence, my heart aching for re living memories...re living the Good ole' days...three words that never cease to bring a smile on my face. Alas...All that met my eyes were darkness of the darkest kind...

Thoughts and memories can be reflected in writing...depth of these feelings cannot...intensity of these emotions cannot...

Maybe this is the way of life for our generation...witnessing the loss of everything around us...everything... but us...This isn’t about fireflies...This is about every little thing that is the very essence of life...we lose these... We lose the essence...

I hope to open my eyes one day to the sight of fireflies greeting me...telling me they were not done yet.

Something tells me my hope is in vain...

For now, I can see the day when I’ll tell my kids stories about little flies that glowed with light illuminating everything around them...They would surely ask where the fireflies went..

"Well, they went back to heaven...right where they came from", would be my answer.



  1. straight from the heart bro....well recently a few months back i visited a village..there i encountered my first 'flying flame' - a tiny one though...but was amazed to the core...what a lovely creation of God...one can also rarely catch it in lalbagh... :)

  2. Never have I come across these wonderful fireflies. I guess you people are very lucky to have come across them.

  3. Amazing…once I caught a firefly n imprisoned it in a matchbox…coz I was so much amazed looking at them..I wanted to see it again n again…but den my father told me to set it free..I left it that time with tears in my eyes…den my father said..how will u feel if I lock u in a room n provide u food n evrythng in dat room only? I said I will not agree for that…den he asked me “who gave u right den to steal the freedom of a firefly?” I was a kid, and that time I just shut my mouth. Later, I realized one thing…we all should aspire to be a firefly…which is self illuminating…just like a firefly we hve to see the light within us..we shd look for God in ourselves…as Buddha says..namage naave daari deepagalu…I now think of his lines evrytime I see a firefly. I still see a lot of those flies in a forest near Nadumantram…a village

  4. One word - Beautiful. Both the article and the creature.

    I was told, they are aliens and came to search for their lost leader. Guess each one of them was a leader in its own terms, illuminating the darkness with their own light!

  5. @ Guru, Rocksta, Shilz, Jeshal

    Thanks Guys...

    I wrote the article coz its one of those things that make my childhood worth remembering...glad you guys could connect to it..

    @ rocksta...i really hope u get to experience the joy too..it'll be worth the wait..



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