Friday, September 12


An illusive Dream,
Transcendental state;
The pleasure of Pain,
Dopamined brain.

The calm breeze,
And Death.

Pink Floyd,
Adam's steroid;
Devil's win,


  1. The pain that gives pleasure is beautiful.Also, sometimes it so happens that pain will wake us up. People try to hide their pain. But they're wrong if they do so. Wen u hide ur pain n torment like hell within u without able to ahndle it den life wil hide joys.Manytimes, I have felt my strength in the experience of pain.It's all in how u carry it.That's what matters.

  2. The best part of going through pain is that you have the hope that things will get better, and even the darkest sky has a silver lining.It gives you the time to feel low, so you know what you feel like when you rise up.What good is success if it has not humbled you down with pain.

  3. Hi Ladies,

    Thank you very much for your viewpoints on the poem.

    Just to make it bit simple, each stanza stands for each letter of the poem's name.

  4. Love Pain Music (guess so)

    Ur poem is exemplary in the sense that each of these can bring bout changes in one's mind which are everlasting... Love, pain or music can take one to transcendental states which can only be experienced... Music can make one fly through amazing creations... All these can bring happiness or sadness....good one bro...keep it coming....


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