Thursday, October 23

Paris - Going Green...

By Shilz

A couple of days back, I read a review about a new self-service "bicycle transit system" called Vélib’ in Paris. This is a public bicycle rental program in Paris, France. 10,000 bicycles were introduced to the city with 750 automated rental stations each with 15 or more bikes/spaces. This number has since grown to 20,000 bicycles and 1,450 stations, about 1 station every 300 m throughout the city centre, making Vélib’ the largest system of its kind in the world.

Guess what? There are daily, weekly, monthly and annual passes available for residents to access these bikes which can be picked up and returned at any of the stations. Easier and simple! To access the bikes, riders can select a one-day card for 1 euro, a weekly card for 5 euros or an annual card for 29 euros.Each Velib’ parking station will be equipped with muni-meters to purchase one and 7-day passes and to pay any additional charges once the bike is dropped off. The Velib’ meters will also provide information on other station locations.

With this system, no worries of obesity or environmental pollution. By using such bicycles, you will not only be healthy, but also save our planet, Earth. After all, this magnificent earth is our only home.

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  1. Nice piece of information. The use of RFID tags would ensure that the bikes do not get stolen and it would be easier to track them.

    I had written an post earlier, about Stuttgart adopting e-bikes for their transportation.

    Really looking forward to such projects in India, at least in my lifetime.


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