Friday, November 21

Give a chance for your wounds to heal !

By Shilpa Nangali

Sometimes it so happens that we confuse dreams with reality and at such stage we fail to see the truth. However, an awful and most painful defeat of life comes when you surrender your dreams to reality. This may stop you from dreaming. You may feel like a bird with its wings being wounded making it unable to fly! Just imagine, how terrible it is if the person whom you love the most, cuts your wings…totally disastrous, isn't it ? I have no words to explain such pain but I have seen the pain of such people. Now, they are happy, and guess why? That’s because they understood that they are the ones who should take care of themselves and they are the ones who should see to that they give a chance for their wounds to heal!

Remember, if you are the one who never wants your wounds to heal, then nothing or no one can help you!

We face a lot of conceivable troubles while struggling to get the real happiness we need in our lives. I have seen one thing that life is a hell both for an idealistic person and a practical person. A blend of idealistic & practical view is what needed to live a happy life. In my battle to achieve this blend, I have now become realistic! I feel that’s much better!


  1. hey sweetu, really its so touching..just thought of checking out ur articles..was so very happy to read dis 1...rightly as arindham says u r a quintessential phoenix!

  2. Thanks a lot vinu :)Some people achieve a certain sense of serenity even in the midst of turmoil. Their patience amazes me and they inspire me! They are not immune to the disturbing emotion but they find their own ways to get just the right amount of change…I guess that is what needed for peace in life!

  3. It is cliche to say it, but when you are suffering, nobody can understand except someone who is suffering in the same way.

  4. well written yet again Shilz.

    we wish we could live in a world where ideals wud rule rather than twisted morals and selfish motives. But alas, being practical is what the world demands and for that we may just have to let go sometimes..

    wish the world sang a different tune..which we could all hum together..

    love ur blogs shilz..

  5. Thanks so much Niyad :) the feeling is very much mutual !

  6. Thanks so much Niyad..actually the feeling is very much mutual


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