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This is in response to the “Brilliant Article”, People!!! No Thank You by Vijai G on EmPower Research blog. Nice to know that Bangalore also had mills that were regarded as spearheads of industry yesteryears. I come from a place known as Chandernagore (Its a French Town on the banks of Ganges, 30 km upstream from Kolkata). It’s famous for Red Curd (Laal Doi) and also boasted of the erstwhile Gondalpara Jute Mills that along with Tribeni Tissues were a common figure in every household not only in Bengal, but also in India. Now the former has been shut down and the latter is running in the midst of losses.

Bandel, 20 km from Chandernagore and 52 km from Kolkata by train, once boasted of the world renowned Dunlop Tyres and Industries. Now it is in shambles.

Perhaps you have heard of Hindustan Motors that manufactures the Ambassador, still the most sought after car for its hardiness and extra comfortability, is also running under losses. It is located at Hindmotor, a place 19 kms downstream Chandernagore.

It is very frustrating for the people of Bengal that whenever it looked like standing on its feet, it has been pecked by unwanted political vandalisms. First it was the CPM, then came the Congress briefly and finally it is now a tug of war between Trinamool Congress and CPM.

God has given us one earth and we had drawn lines on it and divided the land into entities that belong to you and me. I am thankful of the fact that the moon is the satellite of earth and far away from us. If it would have been on earth, we would have divided it too.

Such articles bring out the disgust that the people of Bengal are facing. Sourav Ganguly recently pointed out that he wants her daughter to grow up and settle in Bengal only, but is doubtful as he says "I don't want Sana to grow up and see there are no jobs in Bengal".

And CPM led coalition government in West Bengal is seeing dreams out of no-where that Sourav becomes the BRAND AMBASSADOR of HAPLESS BENGAL, IF NOT HOPELESS.

By Arunava Das

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  1. HAPLESS BENGAL, If Not HOPELESS...... I personally feel that its the latter. Bengal has committed hara-kiri by chasing away Nano.... Cheap and dirty politics are the culprits.


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