Tuesday, December 16

Bush Attacked By An Iraqi Shoe

Does he deserve this or doesn't he?

But an insult is an insult.. Got a few pics and a video on this incident.... check it out!

Here's the video:

Bad luck Bush!


  1. I wonder how the ever vigilant security personnel had not thought about this and allowed the President to address a news conference in a small packed room.

    The only saving grace is that Bush managed to duck both shoes that were hurled at him and later joked about it.

    Nice one Guru!

  2. Bush actually deserves it..... He is solely responsible for disintegrating Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the video shows that Bush possesses good CRICKETING SKILLS as well.... Our Indian batsmen who cant face the bouncers should carefully study this video.... Good one Guru bhai.....

  3. Guru, thanks for uploading this video...Bush deserves it...Arunava..well said! I completely agree with u...The man who chucked a shoe at President Bush missed twice but press secretary Dana Perino wasn't so lucky. I read that she got a black eye when Secret Service agents scrambled to stop the angry Iraqi journalist and she was smacked with a microphone! Perino showed off her shiner at today's White House briefing and joked, "The shoe check-in and check-out policy will begin tomorrow."

  4. Well, i am not a democrat nor am i a liberal or a republican, but throwing insult(in this case shoe) at a nation's president is very offensive no matter how bad the president is. maybe you guys don't get it, but he is still our president. when they throw shoe at our country's top representative it means they are throwing shoes at America itself.

  5. Throwing a shoes at Bush in his las visit to Iraq means, Mission Accomplished.

  6. Its not MI (Mission Impossible) its Mission Accompliashed..start the series with Bush and this man who threw shoes as HERO lol

  7. @Annie

    I do agree with you that it is a serious insult for a nation when footwear is thrown at its premier. But I hope you will also understand that there is a lot of animosity in Afghanistan against America. The entire country is devastated. When an entire country has to pay the price for what a handful of zealots have done, there will be widespread animosity.

    Portraying it as an funny incident only helps ease tensions. Nuking Afghanistan over this incident is not what one want.


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