Wednesday, December 31

Crazy 2009 Resolutions

Hello Friends,

Wish you all a happy New Year's Eve!! New Year's Eve has always been a time to look back to the past and fix few things right. It’s more importantly time to look forward the coming year. When I was asked to post on a ‘New Year's Resolutions’, I had lots of questions in my mind. Mainly, why are resolutions made on this day? Why not some other day? Is there any history for this?

When I have so many questions it is difficult for me to post. So with out wasting time, I Google-d for the info. Well, I got to read lots on the topic. You can know read it here.

Hey, New Year's Eve is a perfect day to echo the changes we want to bring in our lives. Sometimes our resolutions will bring changes in others lives too.

I donno how far people follow through those changes that they have vow to do.

I don’t make formal resolutions and follow them but will surely make changes accordingly. It’s heartrending not to follow something that we have vowed to pursue. Specially when we blog it and all our friends come to know what I am supposed to follow through, it’s difficult to BREAK THE RULE. A rule made by ourselves.

I was chased by one of our Crazy Bloggers to post on this topic. HE hEEE..

What I will do now is.. list the resolutions of our Crazy Bloggers and my friends!!

So that they can’t escape from what they have declared to follow.

Here it goes..

RockSta: It is for the first time that I gave some serious thought on new year resolutions. I really wanted to come with a list of resolutions that somehow reflect what I wanted to do (deep down under), something that was gnawing away sub-consciously. This is what I have managed to come up with:

When I go to sleep wrapped in a warm blanket, I will not forget that there are 78 million Indians without a home.

When I fill up my bike's petrol tank for Rs. 600, I will not forget that 26% of the Indian population earns less than Rs. 540.

When I look at my bulging tummy and decide not to eat the rest of my food, I will not forget that there are 200 million Indians living in hunger and that 47 per cent of Indian children are malnourished.

When I look at myself in the mirror, I will not forget who I am and who I could have been.

But, as always, there is that fear. When you have set yourself some goals too high and not able to meet them. Deeksh had a kind word on this. He advised me to go for what I really want. So here I am, revising my previous list of resolutions to just one:

Stay healthy, thereby reducing weight and enjoy life!

Wishing you all Happy New Year.

Hari: My new year resolutions are

Should learn car driving

I want to become slim

Encouraging people to help poor who are in need

Guruvardhan: My new year resolutions :

Be good and true to myself and my frens as much as possible...

Buy a vehicle..(a sports cycle and an Electric)

Blog more..

Give back something to society...donno what...but will start on it...

Geetha: My new year resolutions are very casual. I donno if I can call them as resolutions….. Might sound strange but true that I do not want to cry for small things. I should be daring enough to face any problem. I should try my best to keep my family happy, many more that I cant express.........

Prashanthi: My new year resolutions are

I wish to continue helping needy people in my day to day life as much as possible

Wish to save enough money for my brother’s dream bike

Wish to be with parents always and give support when required and do all possible things to keep them in comfort zone and happy

Arunava: Here are my new year resolutions -

Discover Karnataka on my Honda Activa with my girl friend on the back

To set up my planned Hotel Chain across parts of Maharashtra, Bengal, Bangalore and Ooty

To be at a higher position at EmPower

To contribute more to Nature and EmPower Eco Drives

To earn more...........

Karthik: My new year resolutions are

To have a decent hair cut

To have a 6 packs like Aamir Khan within March


  1. Very unfair deeksh..!!!

  2. My New year resolutions are:
    1> Not to waste money on unncessary things..
    2> Not to trust or believe people blindly. To be extra cautious...
    3> Healthy food habits & regular to Gym.
    4> More concentration towards my career & studies-certifications. MOre hardwork.
    5> To spend quality time with my beloved parents. To keep them more happy.
    6> To become mentally strong.
    7> To neglect people in office who are cribbers, fake, backbiters & to throw attitude on them. I know this is Crazy...But i want to...

  3. @ Vikas Shetty

    Thanks for sharing your new year resolutions with us. All it takes is will power.

  4. To strengthen my existing resolves is my resolution for 2009. No use of making fresh resolutions when the existing ones are partially fullfilled :)


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