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4th Conservation Activity In Bandipur

4th Conservation Activity In Bandipur

Kenneth Anderson Nature Soceity (KANS) is organising its 4th campaign on Wildlife Roadkil Awareness in Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka on 25th and 26th of Jan 2009. Activity includes distributing pamphlets among the vehicles passing through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve and educating the drivers about the importance of wildlife and also the DOs and DON'Ts while driving through the forest. Apart from that we intend to take up the activity of Highway Patrolling also as suggested by the Karnataka Forest Dept. The team will be stationed at Kekanahalla checkpost bordering Kanrnataka and Tamilnadu. As it is an activity spread over 2 days we are looking out for a healthy no. of volunteers. Interested participants can mail me at or call me at +919886187014. You can also reach to Arunava Das, India Nature Watch at 9742576093 or mail at

I am also giving a link of the pamphlet designed by us for the cause :$pid=1222757798564

We have started this activity during the 54th Wildlife week and intend to carry it on till the time we feel that the commuters are well educated about the issue.


Cheers!!! Soumyajit
300 rivers originate from the 27 tiger reserves of the country which is what ensures the water security of the entire subcontinent.


Arunava Das 09742576093
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