Monday, February 2

Bentley Too!

With major car manufacturers’ harping on eco-friendly measures nowadays, there are no prizes for guessing the catalyst behind it. Yes, it is the recession that has hastened the adoption of such measures.

Bentley does not want to be left behind and has staked claim for its share of spotlight. Not that it receives any, but it did pique my interest.

Bentley has put up a teaser about its upcoming model ‘The Extreme Bentley’ on its website.

According to Bentley, the Extreme will feature a FlexFuel powertrain, which means that the engine can either run on biofuel or use petrol, depending on the circumstances.

There is a video too as a part of the elaborate teaser. I guess the car would be unveiled sometime around March 2009.

Way to go Bentley. You have figured the perfect formula to survive the recession - The world’s costliest eco-friendly car!

For more information, click here.

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