Tuesday, March 3

Green builidings as a part of green lifestyle!

Thanks to a growing awareness of the green building concept in our country. Trust me, this is such a beautiful concept. A green building uses less energy, water and natural resources, creates less waste and is healthier for the people living inside compared to a standard building. Sticking to worldwide standards in constructing buildings, the Tata Housing Development Company Ltd., has built Bangalore’s first Green IT park, Xylem near Whitefield.

Tata Housing’s Xylem, an environment friendly green IT park and the only LEED Gold certified building in Bengaluru, is an engineering marvel, which not only saves energy and cooling costs but also gives more lung space and natural light for employees working there.

Xylem was selected for "Project of the year- Bengaluru" award by Accommodation Times, India's oldest knowledge-based periodical on real estate. Xylem, the first of its kind green building in Bengaluru received the trade honor close on the heels of becoming the only building in the city to receive the LEED Gold certification. The award was conferred to Tata Housing at a gala event at the Nehru Centre Auditorium in Mumbai on February 24, 2009. Green buildings are popping up and for good reason—green design elements not only help save environmental resources, they also boost the bottom line and are good for health and morale. Sophisticated buyers and companies leasing office space are willing to pay a premium for the benefits that green buildings offer.

This IT Park has been designed to tackle the ‘Sick building syndrome’, with its major focus on occupants’ health with an ergonomic design and architecture. The design boosts employee productivity as well as helps reduce the operational cost of the building. Solar panels cover the 35% of the terrace floor space, which acts as a standby power for the common passage areas providing 23kW of power translating to 27,530 KwHr of annual power leading to a saving of Rs 150,463 per annum. Xylem uses rainwater harvesting and 100% of the wastewater is recycled for landscaping use.

Sensory taps are installed at all basins and toilets that further reduce the water consumption. Overall, the building is designed to be approximately 19% more efficient in operational cost as compared to a conventional building. Other benefits include savings of 26.6% on air-conditioning power & cooling costs, 34.1% saving on water supply and 1.6% on common area power.

So, what you say for the concept of green builidings - YES or NO?

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