Tuesday, March 17

What's the biggest strength of a woman?

Sowjanya Shankar: Her perseverance

Rocksta: Lots of them....I can narrow it down to two: forgiveness and patience

Shilz: “Being a woman”

Usha Gokak: Multi-tasking and patience

Hari Prasad: Character

Mouli Bhattacharya: Patience

Suja Meladath: I guess patience to tolerate almost anything…even injustice because she thinks of others first

Sangeeta Ghosh Dastidar: Patience, stoicness.....and tolerance too…and…hmmm can go on...

Namisha Srivastava: Her sensitivity

Prerna Peer: Her patience

Rakesh Kishore: Her patience, her never ending love and care to her loved ones…specially children

Kavitha Kumar: Her flexibility

Prathima: There are many, to name a few…her caring nature, patience, never ending love, tenderness, being soft, forgiveness, great cook, big kind heart, adorable and one can rely on her anytime

Shilpashri: Her womanhood

Guruvardhan J: Her tears

Anonymous: Confidence, hard work, timeliness, mannu masi etc… idne alwa elru helodu… ah range alli think madake baralla nange

Surprisingly, most of the women, I asked did not know what is their biggest strength! They just said they do not know and did not want to talk about it further.


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. Nothing beats "being a woman". No wonder many of us do not look at the bigger picture! Would have loved to see many more responses to this question.

  2. Her strong determination (not expressed very often, but once expressed, even Lord Yama has to surrender in front of her!)

  3. Thanks guyz...for ur comments :)

  4. I feel that a woman's strength lies in her heart

  5. I wanted to post comments of Sikander Kher (an actor) on a woman's strength: "It is perhaps fair to say that women are stronger in the sense that they work and manage more number of realms than men. Maybe that’s why the term housewife is no longer used. Just like any complete job, this too takes labour and managing. Women are definitely making their presence felt more and more across all realms. And to me, this has been a long-awaited change and most women I see around me are making the most of it. I think strength starts differing when we see it in the context of a man and a woman. It may sound corny, but for me, a woman’s strength is on the inside and a man’s outside.

    A man may be physically stronger and tougher but I have seen a lot of women who have an immense strength of sacrifice. Again corny, but it takes something to be tough enough to put someone else before your own self. In the workplace, now however, equality is the norm. That, I think, is not about the sex of the person but the skill. Whoever is more worthy of the job gets it. No discrimination, and I don’t think women even need that sort of patronising, if I may say so. It’s true that earlier women weren’t given so many opportunities. But now the trend has changed.

    More and more women are asking for good opportunities through their sheer talent, and so it is ludicrious to perhaps think of skills or jobs based on gender. People think women are the gentler sex. That’s true, but this very quality makes them good leaders. A woman personifies strength in different ways. For me a strong woman is one who has a mind of her own, is independent, who takes things into her own hands, doesn’t need someone to look over her and in the end gets what she wants. It has become tougher for these women, balancing both work and home. But it all boils down to choice.And so it’s all about great strength once again. If you look closely all women are like that. It just takes time for us men to understand that."

    I found this article in the India Today Group. Thought it is worth posting here.

  6. To add to it.

    Iron lady of Manipur (A small state on the North-Eastern part of India) Sharmila Irom, has been peacefully fighting (hunger strike) for her rights and for the right of women of North East for almost 9 years.


  7. It's "fast-unto-death" for Sharmila Irom.

  8. Hi Didibhai with your permission i am putting my comments on this topic i think the biggest strenth of women lies within her herself i mean to say Women herself is a symbol of strenth like strength to Sacrifice, strength of determination, strength of patience, strength of self confidence & inner power, strength of bear and fight all kinds of odds and problems, strength to love like a mother, strength to give moral support to others during crisis period where men often loose there mental balance and patience, strength of everything that is "ADISHAKTI" ITSELF INDICATES POWER OF WOMEN WHICH WE WORSHIP IN THE FORM OF MA DURGA ,MA KALI ETC. To me all those above strength i found in my Didibhai who is an Elder Sister cum Frnd Cum Gurdian for this Little Brother.I can never forget when i was seriously ill during my second Yr Bcom Exam i was not in a condition to appear for my exam and loose all hope and even start crying but when i share this to my Didibhai she gave a moral support and encourage me in such a way that it works like a miracle yes Didibhai your those encouraging words help me to recover and see i have not only appeared the exam but clear it with good marks.So for me My Didibhai is the best Women i saw after my Mumma. So i think you have got your answer my best Didibhai yehhhh.


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