Wednesday, July 1

Eternal Love

There was a girl
She was pretty but never thought so
Intelligent but never praised for
Kind and people used that
Everything about her made her so special
Always out of the crowd

One day, a guy approached her
He was not intelligent as she was
Not handsome that a girl would want him
All he sought was her love and care
Life time promise that she will
Share both happiness and sorrows

She needed some time to think
She was lost in her thoughts
Though she was aware of his kind hearted nature
And the person he is, there was something
Haunting her day and night

They both started speaking often
Met some day in a week
Shared their emotions
She boosted him little that he needed
To walk in a success path

The success and the companionship
Made him feel strong and
See the beauty of life
He was on cloud nine
Thinking of their lives together
And live happily ever after

Still she was uncertain
The inner beauty was masked by
The physical appearance
Any girl of her age would prefer
A handsome guy with looks
And style that makes her feel special

Another guy with great looks and talent
Met her and promised the better life
The dreams come true moment didn’t
Last for a while, he broke her heart
He found a girl prettier than this girl

All with broken heart and tears
Girl, didn’t speak a word for days
Forgot to smile and cheer
Avoided everyone and wished loneliness
Only tears and gloominess accompanied her

This guy, still mad for her
Was worried of her deeds
Went to her one fine day, asked for
A minute! Just hold her hands
Comforted with a smile and care

She embraced him, busted out of tears
The guy tried to make her smile
Made sure to let her know his lasting love
She dint speak a word, tears rolled on her cheeks
Without a gesture girl walked away

Days passed, months spun still there’s no
Sign of girl. All worried of her life
Guy visited her house with handful of flowers
Heart full of love and eyes full of dreams
But none at home; guy walked into the room

Saw his love. She was not moving
All pause! With flowers adorning her
She looked happy and was dressed like a bride
Guy walked slowly towards her
Without a word, tears rolled out

Girl was not real, all this time
He was looking at her photo frame
Shattered to see his love of life nailed on the wall
With garland! Walked to her mother
Asked if he can know the story

Girl was suffering from some medical condition and was
Fighting last days of her life
The saddest part, she was unaware
And got to know the day, just before
This guy approached to console her
Mother said the story

Guy cried and cried
Screamed to the sky and wept to the ocean
Mother said how much
The girl loved and wanted to share rest of her life
With him. Guy couldn’t digest the truth
Of girl’s demise and yelled n’ yelled

Guy not ready to share his love with
Any other girl; lived his rest of the life all alone
Made sure to get buried after his love of life
Now nothing remains! Except the unsaid love and
The long-lasting bond that they shared.

Many a times, we all think beauty is what matters when it comes to a life partner. If not everyone but at least the preference would be given to beauty. Because that is what is seen, the moment we see anyone.

Why beauty when you don’t have the true heart to love and wishful hands to embrace when you need. There are no limits for beauty. There is no one you can call – most beautiful lady / men.

Beautifulness won’t last forever. Everything on earth will undergo aging. As age passes, the beauty shades. The beauty you see today might not look the same tomorrow.

Though we think, we are the most beautiful – we are not sure what life ensures us tomorrow. Life promises not the beauty but the love.

Earth exists not for the beauty but for the love. When you look at someone, look with love filled eyes; the true eternal beauty of that person is seen. Appreciate the honesty and the kindness the person enclose.

Beauty dies not the beautiful thoughts. Beauty fades not the beautiful moments.

Life can be beautiful even with the person who is not beautiful. All you need is to realize how beautiful he/she makes your life with their companionship.

Once you are sure who the right person is for you, don’t give a thought for the external beauty. Eternal beauty is what that lasts forever and ever.

Make your life beautiful with the beauty that the person shares and not the beauty he/she shows.

Live life “Happily Ever after”

- RK


  1. I can think of only a quote from Kahlil Gibran which goes like this: "Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart."

  2. Kahlil Gibran- my guru...i hve a small book with all his quotes..i keep at always next to me..on my bed...its very closer to my heart...


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