Thursday, September 2

Wikipedia Going Glocal !

In a bid to localize the global content, the Wikimedia Foundation added Wikiglocal to the list of projects in its kitty. In an exclusive interview, Executive Director, Sue Gardner, discussed the changes in the industry and the reasons that lead to this transition. “Wikimedia is funded primarily through donations by hundreds of thousands of individuals, but also through several grants and gifts of servers and hosting,” said Ms. Gardner. “There are a lot of disputed territories, practices and customs in this big, bad, ugly world which may be pristine to ones eye while deeply flawed to another’s. Thus 'Wikiglocal' is a tailor-made platform which helps in synthesizing this information thereby giving customized knowledge to those scoundrels who wants it that way!”

In short, you may find 'Arunachal Pradesh' as an integral part of India when viewed from the subcontinent while it may be named 'Xinxaou' province if some Chinese views it from Mainland China. Similarly, if a Pakistani wants to go(ogle) 'Sania Mirza', they will be graciously directed to 'Sania Malik’s' page (see pic). Same goes for Jesusama – Believe it or Not!

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