Tuesday, February 15

Raw versus Processed!

One day I was thinking about people with whom I can be just myself, no matter what I think, what I feel, what I love to do and what I dislike...these people accept me as I am and love me so much for being just ME.

While I was thinking about such people in my life, I felt there are two kinds of thoughts raw and processed. Raw thoughts are those which are escaped from the processing in our brain...it is what we feel, it is spontaneous and when you have people in your life with whom you can share such thoughts without any fear, without any shame, without weighing those thoughts, without being worried of consequences...it is a real blessing!

And, next there are processed thoughts - think before you speak type - which are weighed much in our brain, before expressed, thinking if it is right or wrong to express this, and if yes, in what way it should be expressed, what words should be used...how can I communicate it right, all these things.

I do not mean that we can be rude with those with whom we share raw thoughts/emotions...it is just that we are spontaneous with them, sharing trust with each other that neither of us have any intention to hurt, and we share with honesty...what ever we feel...naturally...and this can happen only with a complete acceptance of a person. Moreover, in case of people with whom you share raw emotions or thoughts and just be yourself, there will be love at first place, which is more important than anything!

Be yourself, no matter what you are...if you go on losing your individuality, then you will have to replace yourself with someone else created by others for you! Never let that disaster happen to you at any point of time in your life!


  1. quite a processed piece :) loved it!

  2. spoken like a true sage!

  3. @AB thanks!

    @RockSta thanks dear but sage? I am nowhere there kano! hehehehe


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