Tuesday, March 8

Happy Birthday!

Many thanks to Kiran for creating this image

Someone said "Life is one big road with lot of signs". 80 Feet Road was born out of a very great necessity: Freedom. 80 Feet Road was our road for freedom. Many have joined us on this road expressing their thoughts and views.

Yesterday, on March 7, 80 Feet Road turned 3.

Here's wishing our blog a very Happy Birthday and hoping that it continues to serve as a platform to express one's thoughts and views with freedom.


  1. Yay!!! yeah am late... but herez me congratulating all of us on a job well done... 3 years is a long time to survive in the blogosphere... but yeah we all did it.. Thanks all...

    So do come up with any suggestions, ideas and anything else to make this blog better or the best!

    Rock on!! :)

  2. Now where exactly do we go from here...

  3. Only one suggestion - KEEP POSTING!!! :-)


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