Tuesday, June 17

A Chair That Follows You Around!

Now isn’t this a boon for those who badly need to sit down and browse through the pages of their favorite book and are too lazy to find themselves a chair? After walking through the isles of a big library, searching frantically for the book; I guess I can afford to be a little lazy. 

That’s exatly what I can be if I am walking through the aisles of the public library in Amsterdam. Openbare Bibliotheek Endhoven has commissioned an special couch / chair that follows the person around the library offering him a seat if he/she needs to sit down. This chair designed by a Dutch designer Jelte van Geest uses RFID technology to follow the user around the library. All a user has to do is to swipe an RFID card against the scanner located in the chair and the chair follows the card which of course is with the user. Once the user walks past a designated “RedLine” at the checkout counter the chair stops following and returns to its docking station and powers up. Cool! Wish I had one at my office too.

Checkout the video for an eye-popping demonstration of what technology can do for you.



  1. Hey its nice to see this advancement..and use of RFID technology to assure that one can be lazy in library to pull out a chair...but I feel this is not needed...people are becoming more static after the advancement of technology..many are forgetting to walk...where will this take us ultimately? Instead of using RFID technology for this its better if this technology is used in hospitals to track a patient's location, and to provide real-time tracking of the location of doctors and nurses in the hospital. This will be more helpful I feel...In addition, the system can be used to to control access to drugs, pediatrics, and other areas of the hospital that are considered "restricted access" areas. Use of technology in the most needed areas is more important according to me!

  2. Hi Kruthika,

    I absolutely agree with you and would like to point out that RFID is extensively used in hospitals to track equipment and patient movement. Apart from that, RFID has extensive applications in various industries. Please refer to my earlier article here: http://80feetroad.blogspot.com/2008/03/keeping-track-of-inventory-can-be.html

    Also if you need more information on application of RFID related to the issues you had pointed, feel free to goad us to write an another piece on RFID.


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