Monday, June 16

Does The Fox Have Enough Fire In Its Belly To Set A World Record?

I have dutifully pledged to do my part in helping Firefox set a world record. So far 1,360,151 people around the globe have pledged their support. Firefox 3 promises one-click bookmarking, the smart location bar and lightning fast performance. Firefox 3 also includes phishing and malware protection, plus their new instant site ID info. Features like built-in spell checking, session restore and full zoom, makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently on the Web. Of course, with Firefox 3 you can choose from over 5,000 add-ons that help you customize your browsing experience. Its been a long journey for Firefox 3 which boasts of more than 15,000 improvements over its older version.

The D-Day is tomorrow. Download Day 2008

The party continues at Mozilla which recently had celebrated its 10th birthday on March 31st. It also achieved the milestone of 50 Million Downloads.

There is also a special form will be available on the Download Day Headquarters as soon as Firefox 3 launches and Download Day kicks off. Simply enter your name and select print for your very own Official Participant Certificate, to show off that you have participated in the record attempt.

Also note that only downloads from the Download Day Headquarters count. Mozilla will only count downloads that are fully and completely transmitted, not partial or complete updates. A "download" is the transmission of the entire, fully functioning Firefox 3 -- not an update.

I will be goading everyone at my workplace tomorrow to download the latest version of Firefox. Will you?


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