Wednesday, July 16

Blackox – The Fear Demon

By Deeksh

I am inspired by robots developed and marketed by iRobot. The company is manufacturing both consumer and military robots. Each time I come across images of PackBot or Roomba – I imagine a robot that iRobot might come up in future, a robot with fictional characters. As the Roomba is iRobot’s best selling vacuum cleaning robot, iRobot is concentrating more on consumer robots. Recently, I read a blog entry about iRobot filing a patent for a new lawn mowing robot, this means, Colin is still aiming only consumer division, I guess.

iRobot Corp. supply bomb disposal robots to military. The PackBot is already used in Iraq and Afghanistan to remove road side bombs.

Why aren’t they exploring the field of toys? Kids are crazy for these robotic toys. Anything for robotic pet. I like it too.

I would like to share an information on a robotic toy - The Vstone Blackox, which is evil menace that might probably dominate your kid’s play room.

Of course, it is a Japanese venture.

According to TECHDIGEST, only 30 units are available and 15 already on pre-order. Will he ever make it to a shelf? The Vstone Blackox stands at 440mm, weighs 2.5kg, with 20 movable axis points and some appealing cool moves.

View these clips at your own risk:

This cool monster goes on sale in September at a price about £3,800. Already he is in demand and I am unsure if this guy reaches mass consumer sector, as he costs hefty price.

If iRobot builds similar kind of robot then it would be named iChap. hE hEE..

Check this kool images:

Click here to learn more.

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  1. With cheap Chinese imitations available at throw-away prices, I wonder why only 30 units of The Vstone Blackox are available. A lot of money goes into marketing these high end toys and they need to sustain the hype. Well, I guess they know better than me.


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