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‘I’ for……

By Deeksh

Reading is a keystone for anyone’s success in life. Without reading skills, opportunities for personal achievement is lost. I think, literacy is a value – value that is more than proficiency.

Reading is the gift of life, which can’t be stolen. Many people around us cannot even read basic instructions on the food packets, which is indigestible when you think of it.

Don’t you think even poor kids are equally having rights to succeed in this world, like any other children?

Is poverty a barrier for such success?
What is the source of illiteracy problem?
Is illiteracy created by the improper education system at schools?
Can improvement in the schools change this current scenario?

I feel there is a core relationship between poverty and illiteracy.

Each individual faces illiteracy based on their rate of living conditions. Most importantly, the company that child is exposed to.

Always, children should be exposed to adults who emphasize good attitudes towards literate activities.

Children reading in the poorest schools can also overcome obstacles and succeed int heir life, if influenced by literate environment.

India is home of rich culture, geography, and off course very rich population.

Like most third-world countries, India is ridden with problems of poverty, high mortality rates, illiteracy and more…..

Although a lot has been achieved in education, a lot more remains..

The target literacy rate set for the 11th five-year plan (2007-2012) is 85%. Do you think it can be achieved?

Does every child get atleast a primary education? What can be done to achieve a higher literacy rate in India? Is poverty a barrier for literacy?

Living in today’s society, is as tough as it sounds, it is clear that homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and illiteracy are direct effects of poverty.

As a result, this is causing people to struggle throughout their lives..

It’s time for some glossary:

‘I’ for India


and for..



  1. We need to change this situation bro... as we have the power to do it..! yes we need to plan it. Had been to a village a month back, and i met a few village kids over there. (Their smile is one thing i cannot forget even now) I asked them if they went to school and yes they did. i felt happy. but that the next second my happiness ended. and the reason - no regular classes at school..and even if there was ny classes there were no teachers to teach these wonderful kids. So we need to change the whole system of the way it is working. Lets think about it..for a better India...

  2. It is ironical that even today, our leaders and people's representatives feel that literacy can wait till such a time that other basic human needs are met. In their scheme of things, literacy gets a very low priority, coming only after poverty alleviation -- food, clothing, shelter, work, health and so on. In case of Kerala or Tamil Nadu, which have a high literacy level, this is not applicable. But what about the Hindi belt, the bigger States and larger populations remaining illiterate since Independence?

  3. By simply declaring literacy as a fundamental right, we have only taken the first step in educating the masses. Education has to be made accessible to all. If we can do that at least in the next decade, we would have the honour of wiping out our fallacies related to literacy.

  4. As far as India is concerned, mass illiteracy continues and this biggest democracy can today only boast of harbouring the largest number of illiterates in the world. Even smaller countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and the like have achieved, in lesser time, a much better percentage of literacy. Can there is a greater national shame than this? Why this decades-long crusade against illiteracy?

  5. At the dawn of Independence
    We made a tryst with destiny
    To liberate our illiterate masses from the thraldom of ignorance
    Even after 54 years of Independence
    Even after Nine Five Year Plans
    Have we achieved this?
    The answer is an emphatic `No'.
    In fact, the number of illiterates has gone up,
    Why is it so?
    What prevented us from achieving our goal?
    Did we make sincere efforts?
    Did we stick to our goals?

  6. In a village, I met a 10-year-old girl, one of five children, lives in a remote village in India. Her parents are agricultural workers. She would like to attend school but there are numerous hurdles: the school is miles away from her home, and there is a male teacher, so her parents do not allow her to attend.

    This little girl is just 1 of an estimated 100 million children of primary-school age who are not enrolled in school and who are, in the words of UNESCO Director General Federico Mayor, "in danger of becoming the adult illiterates of the 21st century".

  7. We are bumbling along with this outmodeled system of elementary education, which is a real shame.

  8. Yes Guru,the children living in rural areas continue to be deprived of a quality education, part of the reason why is due to their teachers. A large number of teachers refuse to teach in rural areas and those that do are usually underqualified.

  9. First of all i am thankful to my parents and god not leaving me in this situation.. i do agree with Deeksh..We need to change this type of situation bro.

    And taking the initiation we need to aware the poor people about the importance of literacy.

    Its better to make a habit to help them when ever we face this situation and also make other friends to realize about this.

  10. Thank you Guruvardhan, SIVASWAMY, Saakshi, Keerti, Sugandha, Kumar, Shilz, Hari and others for responding and sharing your views on this major problem faced by our country.

    After reading all these comments, I feel that we all are aware of this problem….
    Infact we are -/- were aware!!
    Every problem has solution. Even this has one…
    There is nothing that YOUTH can’t do!!
    We need hands, hands that can hold those illiterate kids and teach how to read and write….
    Each one of us want to do that!
    But practically, is it possible?
    Yes, it is. We can help such kids. Help the one who is in need of our hands.
    Lets all gather hands and come up with some solution that can make small change, which leads to brighter LITERATE India.
    May be this would be just a small step in bringing major change, but I am sure this will lead to a journey of 1000 miles.
    A way long too….
    Lets count!!!

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  12. @ Deeksh

    Thanks a lot for posting such an article.Reminds us of where we actually stand as a nation.We dream of India as a super power in the years to come.We are on our way.But we can forget about getting there if the present situation of poverty and illiteracy persists.

    I don't blame the parents for the plight of their children.If they had a choice, if they had the awareness, they would think different.Pointing fingers at anyone would make us one among the millions who sympathize with the unfortunate.Actions are what is required, and as youth if we cannot act, nobody ever can..
    As deeksh said, lets join hands and take these steps towards a better India...towards a better world..

    Remember...they could so easily have been us...We could so easily have been them..

    Here's to building awareness...

    May God be with us..ciao

  13. @ deeksh

    i thought you are romantic guy when i read your confused poem
    after reading this I for India i think D for deeksh what is your mail id i want to be in touch FYI i am 23yrs

  14. @ Deeksh
    i come form small village but my parents beated me i in child then i cry now i am happy for what im
    reading is gift as u told no one can steal from us. all should read even poor unafordable childrens must also read then our india will becm developed country

  15. Teaching young children how to read is most natural between the ages of birth and five, as they are learning spoken language during these same years.

    I have a mission to spread literacy worldwide...see a video about this movement at

    Spreading Literacy Worldwide
    Tell Someone...


  16. @ Swathi

    gimme ur id...and ll mail u my contact details..

    @ Niyad

    Thank you for joining hands!!

    @ Steve

    Thank you for sharing this info with us, Steve.


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