Thursday, July 3

By Deeksh

Reading is a keystone for anyone’s success in life. Without reading skill,
opportunities for personal achievement is lost. I think, literacy is a value – value that is more than proficiency.

Reading is the gift of life, which can’t be stolen. Many people around us cannot even read basic instructions on food packets, which is indigestible when you think of it.

Don’t you think even poor kids are equally having rights to succeed in the world, like any other rich kids?

Will poverty be a barrier for such success?

What is the source of illiteracy problem?

Is illiteracy created by the improper education at schools?

Can improvement in the schools change the current scenario?

I feel there is a core relationship between poverty and illiteracy.

Each individual faces illiteracy based on their rate of living conditions. Most importantly, the company child is exposed to. Always children should be exposed to adults who emphasize good attitudes towards literate activities.

Children reading in the poorest schools can also overcome obstacles and succeed in thier life, if influenced by literate environment.

India is home of rich culture, geography, and off course very rich population.

Like most third-world countries, India is ridden with problems of poverty, high mortality rates, illiteracy and more……….

Although a lot has been achieved in education, a lot remains to be done. The target literacy rate set for the 11th five-year plan (2007-2012) is 85 percent. Do you think it can be achieved?

Does every child get at least a primary education? What can be done to achieve a higher literacy rate in India? Is poverty a barrier for literacy?

Living in today's society, as tough as it sound, it is clear that homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and illiteracy are direct effects of penniless among people today. As a result, this causes people to struggle throughout their lives.

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