Tuesday, July 1


Come along, take a walk with me
a walk down a trodden lane
this walk may give me the answers
this walk may break the chain

I dare not take this walk alone
I dare not, lest I get scared
I've never taken walks alone
I've never ever dared

I know I've been there before
coz it’s all coming back
I can see the pandemonium
like darkness through a crack

Help me with these first steps
The trip ahead is long
Talk me thru these first steps
or maybe... sing me a song

What do you see round the corner?
coz I think I see light
Just can’t wait to get there
It’s been a really long night

I'm feeling a lot better now
I'm glad I took this walk
Thanks for all your songs
and thanks for all the talk

You've been there through the dark
Now stay with me while it’s bright
Then I'd know your not leaving
coz then it'd never be night..

Now that we've reached this place
Please… don’t let go of me
Coz I've walked right into your heart
Right where I want to be..



  1. lol!!
    These lines are excellent ..
    After reading this, one will feel as if they had a relaxed evening walk...
    Thank you Niyad..
    Let's count more.....

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  3. Niyad..while reading initial lines..one will get a picture of a walk in the park with someone special but after reading ur entire poem one will realize that here u are talking about a walk into a person's heart and not in a park!!! That thing I liked very much! I wish ur stay in that person's heart will be everlasting :)

  4. Thanks shilz...dats for the person to decide..But i'll let her kno people feel this...lol...

  5. Thanks Deeksh

    looking forward to more writing..

  6. Thank you Niyad for ur comment on my poem..and more over thanks so much for lifting my spirit :) I will surely move on with confidence of seeing the sunshine in my life :)I could not comment below my poem coz it has already reached maximum comments I think, I was not able to reply for ur comment der..

  7. Hi, Niyad... Amazing, Keep it up... You write so well. Looking Forward to some more enchanting words that clear and calm our mind.

    Also please post articles on Nature, Global Warming and other issues that endanger our beautiful planet, because if we do not have our Earth, we will not exist... So, please act now.

    Our articles are read by everyone... It will spread awreness, We join hands and we can do it, this is the time we stand upto, take responsibility!!!

  8. @ Arunava

    Thanks arun for your comments although i know i'm not much worthy of it..feels good anyway...

    its great to know that you care a lot about nature...i'm a lover of forests myself..i'll certainly write on that..if each of us try we can make a difference..looking forward to your posts..ciao


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