Tuesday, July 1

Is there a silver lining?

By Shilpa C Nangali

When I realized that love was an illusion
My heart got wrenched and the body was trembled

The cold hand holding the mobile started shivering
Awakening a pain within myself that is never easing

Eyes of my mind dart back and forth searching for dangers
Invoked by an over-active imagination of mind

The heart was stroked; words were caught within the throat,
In a battle between vain hopes and false promises

Knowing that the beloved never cares
An anxiety overtakes

In a mourning for my own life,
Betrayal of beloved keeps my heart wounded

Minutes pass, quietness returns,
With peace of mind being an oasis

Sadness settles upon the worn out soul,
Until sleep once again puts me away from haunting dreams

Hope never seizes
But is there a silver lining?


  1. Your poems often make me wonder about what happened in your past, that it still hurts you so badly? All I can do is offering a shoulder to cry on if you want to, ears to listen to your sorrows and a smile to cheer you up again. Still it is up to you to decide when to cry, what to talk about and if you want to smile with me. Please don't bury your pain too deep inside you, for there is more than just things to cry about in this world.

  2. @ Shillu..
    It’s so touchin’!
    It’s a sign of broken heart!!
    All it needs now is Heal!!!
    Love is so strange feeling, no one knows whom it detains..
    May be it’s a matter of days to love, but an entire lifetime to forget.
    Broken heart should try to not to think about it too much and go about their daily routine (which is difficult tho’)
    I know it keeps coming back, flouncing you like a wave..
    Its difficult – But POSSIBLE to come out..
    A journey that begins by exploring your relation with your cared n’ loved ones….
    Enough of this exhausting struggle!
    Enough of this intense emotions for someone who is not worth!!
    Let the transformation begin….
    Hope the broken heart soon recognizes it…

  3. U remember me..I had replied to one of ur article on use of conventional antipsychotics to treat dementia...felt as if my daughter is in pain..God bless u my dear..never worry for such ppl who never care abt ur feelings or never try to understand ur emotions and never respect ur emotions..i knw u can be emotionally very strong..ur writings say dat..and i wish u a successful journey...think abt ppl like me who hve no one left..all are aways frm me..even my son..but still im living ..wat for? tel me..so plz cheer up gal

  4. @ Stephen

    Thanks a lot for those caring words..n ur concern really pleased my heart...I hve no words to say but just wanna say a heartfelt thanks to u for ur immense emotional support. Thanks for ur blessings...I hope you are doing well.How is ur health now?
    Take care

    @Raki thanks so much ra...I promise dat the broken heart will soon be healed..and why not..with such loving ppl around me :)Thanks a lot

  5. Yup I'm doing great. Feeling as if I'm 18 years old..even if I am 62 years old in real...My blessings are always with you :)U too take care

  6. @ Stephen

    Thank you :)Its nice to see that cheerfulness in u, and I wish that never seizes.I am sure u will be successful battling against ur condition.

  7. wow such a heart touching poem..loved it...ummmmmmmmaaaaah for givin dis 2 us

  8. fallen in love with your poem....

  9. every trouble in life is a chance to meet our destiny...im sure u will face it bravely..and u shd!!!!!

  10. hey shilz,

    U see those rays of light partly covered by dark clouds...U kno wat those clouds are hiding don't u??sunshine and happiness waitin to burst itself upon you..All u need to do is remove the clouds...or maybe just look round the corner...beyond the clouds...go gal...i'm sure you'll find the sun..

    great poetry ...

  11. hey such a lovely poem shilpu..our chubby gal is such a poetess!!! Gosh!!! can believe..love u baby..miss u lotz

  12. My golu molu shillu………..really loved dis poem…

  13. thanks som..miss u too a lot

  14. thanks sunny..thanks so much


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