Tuesday, July 8


My dad told me this story when I was home last weekend. It’s not that great big a deal but I found it very enlightening. It’s about a time when the world was blessed with the presence of the mystical Sufi’s we always hear about. The Sufi’s are a lot like the Rishi's who live a life not achievable by common mortals like us. Their lives are all but filled with the highest possible levels of spirituality. Worldly passions do not entice them the least.

So there was this highly ranked Sufi and 20 of his disciples. The Sufi had a particular affection to one of his disciples. This did not go down well with the rest of them. They wanted to know the reason for this particular partiality. All 19 approached the Sufi and enquired about the same. The Sufi assigned them a task which would give them their answers. He asked each of his 20 disciples to go to places wherein they would not be in contact with anyone, where they would be totally alone. They would have to collect 20 birds each, kill the birds and bring it back to him.

So the disciples segregated and went to deserted places to achieve their tasks and gain their masters confidence. Every one of them but the disciple in question completed the task and bought 20 dead birds each to the Sufi.

They were surprised to see that the very person who the Sufi adored had failed to complete the task. He had bought with him 20 live birds. What would become of him? , thought the other nineteen. When asked by the Sufi as to why he could not complete his tack, the disciple answered “O master, you had asked me to go to a segregated place, a place where I would be alone. So I tried to do that once I got the birds, but wherever I would go, I would find God. I tried a lot of places but I would find him no matter where I went. Therefore I could not kill the birds. Please forgive me for I have failed you". This brought a smile on the face of the wise Sufi. He turned to the other nineteen and asked,"Now do you know the difference between him and the rest of you?"

This simple story got me thinking. If we could inculcate the thought that someone’s always watching, wouldn’t we become better people?

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place?

But then all I can do is think. Because I’m one of mere mortals, with more weaknesses than strengths, but I can still pray for a change that will remind me that it’s never too late to mend your ways because God’s watching.

May God bring that change soon...




  1. But do not forget that it is we "mere mortals" who have the ability to shape our own destiny. When we work towards a common destiny together, change is inevitable. Change can be brought about. Only one question remains. Do we want to change?

  2. All that one needs to do is to stay true to one's conscience. Doing good, learning good and thinking good is all that matters. Some might not believe in the supernatural but still there is something called conscience which is similar to the supernatural. The sufi saints have much to teach. Bad luck that we dont find any now. But we can find some truly amazing stories locked up inside our pap and mom and grand mom....

  3. Amazing story that is morally realistic as well as an amazing comment by Rakesh Bhai that is immorally realistic. Well "immorally" realistic becoz most of the people do not change their behavior, or its hard to change them.... or .... is ummar mein keya koi sudharta hein aapne aapko??----- Really great going guys....!!!!

  4. I appreciate those nineteen disciples.
    Since they questioned their master, they were able to understand the difference between ONE special disciple and them..
    Many a times we fail to question… question the incorrect … question the mistake..
    I think lesson to learn is from these nineteen disciples..
    Just by questioning we know where we stand!!
    Keep questioning… 

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  6. I completely agree with Rakesh, that it is we who should shape our destiny. The habits that determine so much of our life are really patterns of thinking, and shaping our destiny means shaping our thoughts and actions. I believe that one can carve his/her destiny and make himself/herself to be precisely in accordance with the vision that he/she has of himself/herself to become in the future...

  7. This reminded me of a story of Kanakadas..when Kanakadas will be in teen age, his guruji once keeps a test. Guruji gives one banana to each student n tells them that they should eat in a lonely place where no one stays...the next day everyone will come empty handed except Kanakadas. All students will laugh at him that he will surely fail in the test. Then Guruji asks Kanakadas why he did not eat banana. Kanakadas says: "Guruji, I could not find any lonely place as where ever I go I can find God's presence". Let the story be anything, wat's impt is wat we learn from it. Niyad u refreshed those childhood memories..those days wen I used to sit on my dad's lap..n he used to tell lot such stories...!!!

  8. @ rocksta, guru, arunava, deeksh and shilz

    Thanks for all the comments guys.Each one is enlightening in itself.This is obviously one topic where we all have a lot of personal views.Its great that we share it with each other.It helps a great deal in understanding ourselves i feel.

    There is always scope for improvement in us.There is always room for change.The only question that remains is... as rocksta pointed out...Do we want to change???

    Thanks once again guys.Feels good being around good people.


  9. @ niyad


    whom did you call good people?
    ha ha
    do not make gag dude


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