Tuesday, July 8

Wanna stop a ringing alarm clock? Just throw it !!!

By Shilpa Nangali

Early in the morning, reaching out to stop an alarm clock from ringing, I usually drop off the clock. I really don’t know how many alarm clocks I have broken like this! ;-) Thank God, I do not have the habit of setting alarm in my mobile!

Well, how it will be if u should just throw an alarm clock for it to stop ringing?! Amazing, isn't it??? Here is one such alarm clock, which is in the shape of a football, and it has to be thrown away for its alarm buzz to stop ringing.

I think this alarm clock is a perfect piece for a lazy gal like me as this will stop me from crashing the precious alarm clocks. This football shaped alarm clock with soft cushions on its side pleased me so much. I am not sure if it is available in Bangalore, but if anyone know about its availability here in our city then please do let me know, it's my request! :-)

According to the Website for Tech Gadgets, the watch in this football clock has a LCD display and it has all the default features available in a watch like time, date, as well as an hourly chime and the loud alarm. To add in more spice to the gadget, the clock shows off in various colors and in shapes of several sport ball types as Cricket, Golf, and Football. To stop the ball from rolling away, it comes with a circular mounting stand that keeps it stationary in one place.


  1. Well if you are planning to buy one, you need to be even more careful as you might break lots of things by throwing your new alarm clock at it.

  2. @Rocksta

    (lol) No dear, I will throw that new alarm clock against a wall..not at things!!!!

  3. ha ha aha.. rockstar comment is awesome..hummm shilu.. i never knew about this...nice to knw.. so v can play football out of it.. h ehehe.. but seriously.. electronic gadgets hav ben becoming so advanced.. its reached all places..

  4. Ya rite..rocksta's comment made me laugh out loud..ha ha ha ha..and ya I love to play football :)

  5. I think u are the only one here who is writing on different subjects..without sticking to any one..feel like comparing u to kamal hasan..dashaavataaram lol..but reallt thats true da

  6. @Abhi ur comment was shocking to me...never thought u wil visit dis blog so soon...thanks a lot for ur comment..kamal hasan n me? lol no comparisons at all..joke pannaadha ;)


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