Tuesday, August 26

Are they life savers or killers?

Yesterday while watching TV I was shocked by hearing a news, 49 babies died during clinical trials at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi.

The drugs used where zinc tablets for treating zinc deficiency, olmesartan and valsartan for treating blood pressure-related problems, rituximab for treating chronic focal encephalitis and gene-activated human glucocerebrosidase for treating Gaucher's disease, which affects the liver. And the most important point is that these drugs were meant only for the adults. Why do our doctors do it then? Are they life savers or killers?

India has become the top destination in Asia for clinical trials of foreign drugs. Trials here cost around 20%-60% less than that in industrialized countries. Is this mean that our babies doesn’t have right to live? Were these children made guinea pigs because they were from poor families?

Why do Indians face these problems from the best medical college and public hospital in the country? Do our government doesn’t feel that our babies are the pillars for the developing nation? Do we accept this crime if that has happened to our babies? I urge our younger population to stand with that poor parents and shout against this so that even a single baby in India is lost due to clinical trials. Our babies are precious!!!



  1. Yes,off-label use of drugs is really increasing like anything. Not only in our country, even in U.S. American kids are being drugged to death with few drugs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved only a handful for pediatric use. Psychiatrists must adapt what they know about treating adults to children and adolescents while treating bipolar disorder. So lot of trail n error will be done with those innocent kids!!! This trial n error has lead to even death of several kids. I can see a lack of prompt n proper diagnosis with regard to several pediatric diseases.

  2. I did come across that piece of news on one of the local news papers. I do agree with your view on doctors: Are they life-savers or killers. What I do want to know is whether the doctors were aware about the consequences or were they blindfolded by the pharmaceutical company which is conducting the trials. Also another disturbing fact is that there is absolutely no news regarding what actions were taken after that the incident. Right now, its all an hush-hush affair. I guess the PR Agency for the pharma company must be doing one hell of a job.

  3. Hi Dhanya
    Am completely with you on this one. Your concern and disgust is well placed. It really bothers me when people exploit out ignorance for selfish interests. Let's try and spread the awareness.

  4. Hi,
    Any doctor who have ethics should not use a medicine for adults on infants. I just feel they are blind folded by the pharmaceutical company. I agree that even in US kids are drugged. But now the outsourcing of these trials are pouring to Asian countries, because they know the consequences. Humans cannot be sacrificed for trials at any cost.


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