Tuesday, August 26

I Felt The Pinch For The First Time In My Life

Though I have come across news articles on how people find it indispensable, consider it as an extension of themselves, how they couldn’t live without it; I have never felt anything like that, towards it. I still don’t even now. That’s the reason why I probably felt the pinch for the first time in my life.

For 24 years I resisted it. I did not want it. I felt free, no responsibilities. People around me couldn’t fathom why. They probably felt that I was missing out on the revolution, which I rather dismissed it as “Mass Hysteria”. They took it upon themselves to hammer the advantages of owning one into my head. I won. They gave up.

I have seen it all. The anxiety of not receiving a message, checking every other minute to see if any near or dear ones have messaged them. Some even couldn’t resist the urge to take it out every now and then to check the remaining balance. One probably felt that in order to look and feel important, one had to own one of those, taking it out of their pockets and follow the rituals mentioned above. I never understood, nor did I try.

But it happened. I was coerced into buying one, and people around me, with a wry smile acknowledged that I had finally entered into the world of “Mobile Phones.”

They looked at me as if I had been lost for a long time and finally made it back to the civilization. Does Rip Wan Winkle ring any bells? Some even chastised me for resisting the urge to buy the so called “god sent gift” to humanity. Some even took it upon themselves to educate me on the modalities, etiquettes, and what not…of owning a mobile phone. I listened, with my ears and not my mind. I hated it and I still do.

But I was slowly getting sucked into the quicksand, and weirdly I did not resist. What is that these little things possess? Slowly I felt enchanted by them. The bug had bitten me for good this time. So with the change in job and a higher salary beckoned me to satisfy the urge to own a classy, sexy high end model.

What the hell, I went ahead and blew my first two months salary on a Motorola Razr 2 V8. It cost me 15 grand. I had no regrets.

Eight months down the line, yesterday I had lost it. It was stolen. My colleagues surrounded me, trying to figure it out, how, who and all that. Time and again, they looked at me and somehow I got the feeling that they were trying to convey their sympathies at losing something precious, something that was an irreplaceable part of my life.

I tried to tell them that I felt all right. Its just a cell phone. But I could not. I felt the pinch for the first time in my life and even now I am not able to put that into words.

This was the first time in my life that I have been a victim of a robbery. This was the first time that I had been careless.

Though I could buy myself another one, probably a better one; I wish I could turn back time and get my Moto back. This was also the first time that I was happy to pay a bribe of 200 rupees to the cop, who registered my complaint, hoping that it would make the cops to do their duty promptly and that I would get my phone back. The cops also ensured that I got an earful from them on how careless people are and how the rising incidents of Mobile Phone thefts have made their life a living hell.

A familiar feeling which I had felt a long time ago coursed through me. It was the feeling of Freedom. I felt that I was free again.

Here’s to freedom, from mobile phones!



  1. hey rocksta usually ur blogs make me think more rationally, but for the first time I became emotional reading ur blog...I had lost a mobile, which was my darling, in hostel, dat time how I struggled to file an FIR, in the nearest police station, and how I cried for losing dat, which was like my love..all dat came into my mind, but trust me now if I think of all dat, I lol,I feel it stupidity to develop such feelings for things now! U lost mobile at office dats more shocking!

  2. Plz dnt enjoy ur freedom ;-) coz if u do so den we are all left in worries :-( a mobile is very much needed for any emergencies or something..i wish u own one ASAP.

  3. Live life like a Rocksta......... There is gains & loses in life...
    Life rolled with that only!!!!

  4. @ rocksta,

    I feel for u bro...i truly do...not because you lost your cell phone..i have similar attitude towards the cell phone mania at large...after all ...haven't we lived for ages without them??Like most other things.."it's all in the mind"...the feeling that we cant live without these little devils (oh yeah) is all a conjured up notion that we carry on in our little "want to up there" minds..
    nevertheless I'm a humble owner of one of these minds...

    The fact that you have your hard work attached to the little thing makes me sad...but again...kudos to your attitude...at the end of the day...these are only material..All the best with your next one...

    and yeah...be a tad more careful next time around..ciao...

  5. Losing anything for the first time is always a painful experience but I have come to terms with it since my childhood. Yesterday, my pal’s cell was stolen (“Missing” in Police lingo) and we started to think on how and when’s. A cell phone with personal info is dangerous if it falls in a wrong hand. After searching on Google on some ways to track cell-phones I came across a software program called as Micro LMTS. When installed on the phone it informs the user (by sending message or email) about the current location of the handset (dependent on the handset) and the new mobile phone number of the handset. The application runs in a background and cannot be detected. Each Mobile Number has a unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number. Whenever there is a change in the Mobile Number its IMSI number also changes. This change is detected by the software and thus is able to identify any Mobile Number change. This is the website http://www.microlmts.net/# Do go through it and may be it might come in handy.

  6. Hey Rocksta,

    Really sad that you lost something that connects and communicates. And again, I will voice with others that the Truth is really well written with emotions.

    I just hope that the Cops do their duty well and that you get back your lost MOTO rather than buying a new handset.

  7. Opinion differs!! I appreciate the way you see this incident. But again, FREEDOM.. free from mobile phones.. hmm.. not acceptable.
    Human when depressed will feel nothing is forever and start talking philosophically. He tries to make him strong by saying “Thank god! Now I can be free.. blah.. blah..”
    All these are sign of mentally stressed but not showing off to outer world.

    Ask caring-mom… one who is waiting for her son’s call (who is in country’s border).. she ll say th imp. of this gadget…
    Ask worried-manager…. One who needs to get back to their clients on some issue (but th info is wth team member, who is stuck in traffic)… he ll say the imp. of this gadget…
    Ask waiting-bf… one is waiting for his gf from 30mins…. He ll say how imp. th mobile technology is..
    Ask unwell-granny.. one who needs to get tele-prescription for her vigor.. she knows th imp. of cell-phone..
    I can list more..

    Getting gadgets OR any other stuffs is purely our own decision. No one force, but influence.
    As days fall apart, that might become part of your daily life.. and once lost might be diff. to overcome its absence and th inconvenience caused.
    Again, all this differs from man to man….

    Technology (until it’s not misused) is a boon for humankind.. and no way one can Xperience th FREEDOM without that!!

    Let’s accept th truth of life!! One that we lead…. leading and which we will lead tomorrow.

  8. Thanks people for your concern and kind comments. I am intrigued by what Deeksh has said. I couldn’t resist from replying to his comment. So here it goes…

    I have absolutely no issues about opinions. I also understand that for you freedom from mobile phones is absolutely unacceptable.

    Me talking about the “finding the long lost freedom after losing my mobile phone” is not a sign of mental stress, though others might display it as a subconscious sign of mental stress. I am not an expert and I do not want to be rude by commenting on that line of thought.

    The examples that you have listed out are excellent for eliciting heart-wrenching emotions from tear jerkers. But I live my life on my own terms and certainly do not follow others by example. But I truly understand, if people consider these examples as a valid reason to posses a “mobile phone.” As you have rightly pointed out: “Again, all this differs from man to man.”

    {.. and no way one can Xperience th FREEDOM without that!!

    Let’s accept th truth of life!!}

    If you believe in the lines mentioned above, I absolutely respect that. But from a purely personal point of view I do not agree with that and I hope you do understand. The reason, you would have already come across in the article.

    Thanks a lot again for you comments people. Reading your comments spurs me to write more.


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