Saturday, January 10

Global Economic Slump Hits Motorsports

Honda was the first to pull out of F1, followed by Suzuki suspending its FIA WRC activities. Then came Subaru’s withdrawal from the FIA WRC.

Now the shocker. Kawasaki has announced that its factory team will not race in the 2009 Moto GP season.

Global financial crisis is how they chose to explain their exits. Fair enough.

Kawasaki’s announcement leaves just 17 bikes on the grid. However the WRC has become a two horse race with Ford and Citroen.

Honda and Suzuki however have confirmed their participation in the 2009 Moto GP championship, after quitting from F1 and WRC respectively.

I have been kind of wondering, is there any alternative to money? I mean we had the barter system ages ago, that was replaced by money. Isn’t it about time that money gets replaced by something else?

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  1. I really wish that happens getting replaced!!!


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