Wednesday, January 7



  1. Hello all, Just wanted to share one of my experience here. I still remember the day where my Mom had woke me up at 5 in the morning to practice mathematics problems. And guys dont start thinking whether i was in metriculation/graduation or something. I was just in 1st standard/grade i.e when i was just 5 year old. My mom was more than a convent father to me. Very strict when it comes to studies. I remember that once she had hit me on my head & it started bleeding. I was not listening to her & was behavin very stubborn to do my homework. Now, coming back....
    Mom had asked me to do the exam very well. She had taught 2 digit Multiplication & made sure i was perfect before i could enter the exam hall. In the examination, while solving the problem, i purposely made a mistake. I just wanted to check out what teacher would do for this...? I dont know whether i was so foolish or so careless or so inquisitive... As expected, the problem was incorrect. Maths teacher wrote it as "Carelessness". Like as usual i got nice beatings from my Mom. Then i decided not to be careless n negligent. I would feel proud to share that, I secured a State 3rd Rank in my Engineering exams. Hatsoff to my loving Mom, Maths teacher... As my friend says, "We learn from Mistakes", so I consider that I learnt a lot from this mistake....Cheers...

  2. @ Vikas

    Thanks for sharing your Xperience. It is true that we all do mistakes... many a times as in your case, we do mistakes purposefully to explore something new.
    Depending on th outcome we gain our knowledge.
    And, nice to knw that you scored State 3rd Rank in Engineering exams.

    “If You Don’t Try, You’ll Never Know”


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