Thursday, March 19


The pain of going through a broken relationship is awful. Realizing that the special person, who meant life, is no more yours is like world coming to an end. Once you are betrayed, it really hurts and you are shattered completely; everyone looks like a betrayer to you.

Here is a love, shedding tears for LOST LOVE:


  1. Hmmm...there is nothing called as lost love...even though we use it..i personally feel dat its is never lost....if a person is separated from his beloved i agree it hurst a lot butif u accept the reality, love gets rejuvenated with time ...all it takes is time, the person should accept the fact dat the other person is no more in his/her life, but sometimes we live in so much of the world created by ourselves for that person ...we tend to ignore the reality and will not accept the fact...sometimes such pains make a person realize wats more impt in life...and should consider dat relationship as a lesson rather than a failure...and should be happy that wat ever we are now is because of wat we were in the it helps us to grow accept the reality and learn to love life more than u love a person...this lil selfishness wil hep us a not saying u shd not love anyone wholeheartedly..we shd...but we should meanwhile be aware of the fact that we chose to be with dat person and should be prepared to live even in dat person's sounds rude but that's fact!

  2. Give yourself time and permission to go through the stages of grief that come to you. Your experience with this loss will roughly follow: denial, hurt, sadness, anger, and acceptance. Each of these levels of the broken heart experiences are phases of healing. Allow them to occur as they will. This is how you will heal.


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