Wednesday, March 25

WWF Earth Hour: Join in...

Citizens from across 85 countries in over 800 cities around the world are switching their lights off on March 28, 2009 for one hour, from 8.30PM to 9.30PM, to raise their voice against climate change. It's now happening in India for the first time. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about WWF Earth Hour and ask them to join in and switch off for a healthy planet.

This year
Earth Hour (Vasundhara Ghatika) has been transformed into the world’s first ‘global election’, pitting earth against global warming. For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch to vote; switching off your lights is a vote for earth, while leaving them on is a vote for global warming.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008, the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with over five crore people switching off their lights. The Social Forestry Department (SFD) has appealed to all its 9,000 eco-clubs and four lakh student-members to observe the Earth Hour on March 28. Over 74 countries and territories have pledged their support to vote for earth during the Earth Hour, and this number is growing everyday, officials said.

What will you be doing at 8.30pm on Saturday March 28th? We're keen to know what you have planned for Earth Hour 2009. If you'd like to share your plans with us, then please email us at describing the details of what you have planned for Earth Hour 2009.

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