Friday, March 6

One and Counting!

I still cannot believe that a year has already passed since we started this “Crazy” blog. Freedom to post whenever one wants without the content being edited – was one of the catalysts for starting this blog. And after a year, I was still smiling when I was having lunch with Guru on the other day because the above mentioned catalyst was and still is – a driving force for posting on this blog.

I would also take this opportunity in welcoming Chithra Ann Joy to our gang of Crazy Media Analysts on 80 Feet Road. Looking forward to read many of her posts.

The major highlight for me was the month of July 2008 where we blogged like crazy, resulting in 57 posts. Hope we will go past that number someday.

Many thanks to Guru for his tremendous work behind the scenes, working on the template and sorting out the SEO.

A special thanks to Kiran for designing the header image and sorting out niggles that cropped up now and then.

Participating in blogathons was a new experience. Hopefully we will get to participate in many more.

And finally, this blog is what it is due to the gang of crazy media analysts who have taken their time off from their busy schedules and have been blogging. So a big thanks to all the “Crazy Bloggers” on 80 Feet Road.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Yipee!!! "WE" did it! A special thanks to everyone who supported us in this venture...and always stood by us to blog more and thanks due to Google Blogger who have done such a remarkable platform (Blogspot) and hosted us... We are indeed happy and keep tuned for more of interesting blogs here... Peace be with you!


  2. congrats on the anniversary guys...i wish i could celebrate it with you all..lots more to come i'm sure..and guru..loved the "WE" in your comment. thats what its all about right?? kudos guys..



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