Monday, March 9

One Year Old! Time For Celebration!!

Well on this special day (March 07), I would like to congratulate each and every blogger, who is a part of 80feetroad. This year, onsite, was a complete bash. Pleasant to know that our blog site encourages all the issues (Science, Politics, Love, Poverty, Technology, Nature, etc, etc).

It won’t be wrong if I say that we have achieved success in the past twelve months. The comments that poured in to each blog post is the sign for this achievement.

When we discussed on any topic, there was reactions from the readers which was a real strength to our growth.

I would thank our readers for their continuous support and love that they share with us.

The more our readers react and support, the more there is life to posts.

The day comes knocking and here we are a YEAR OLD with some of the memorable moments attached with you all.

We have always celebrated little things, which is worth recognized. Whether we like readers comments or not, we never condemn but was thankful for what they did.

We would never forget key people who made this possible and this is the occasion to celebrate!!

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