Wednesday, April 8

Friend – Whom I Treasure

I felt near to the ground, the day when you text me

Early in the morning, the text read “Raki you are my valuable friend in life…


Each word from the text has made a impression in my heart

I know you since my college days,

You are such a kind person

You made us laugh, cry, shout, dance,

Scream, run…what not!

There is no one to say unconstructive about you

We all love you the way you are

And specially the way we are when you are around

I can write loads and lots cherishing the days we spent

But now, this day is reminding me of the day

When you had to leave us and fly to overseas

I am happy for you that you are making your career there

I am happier that your wish has come true

But I remember how hard you felt

The tough time you went through, just before leaving

I know things will settle down soon

And you know it too

I miss you dear friend,

Though we did not talk each day

And meet each weekends

Still deep in our hearts we used to care for each other

In our own ways

Friend like you is always special and

Would treasure all the memories stringed

The thoughts and the feel of missing you

Going through my head is going to make me burst

Burst with depression and misery

I do not know, if this is how I feel till you return

Will I keep missing you, or

I let my things get in my way and slowly come out

Out of these despair feelings

I am waiting for your mail,

Mail that signs your risk-free life there

Shashi, you and your friendship is precious

Take care Dear.

See you soon..

With lots of love, care and friendship

- Raki


  1. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends" said Martin Luther King Jr.

    "It is better to be in chains with friends , than to be in a garden with strangers."

    Do I need to emphasize anymore about the value of FRIENDSHIP?

  2. It is unbearable for Shashi to see your unhappy days filled with despair and misery due to his physical absence here with you,it is unbearable for Shashi to see your tear brimmed eyes,filled with pain of missing him,it is unbearable to Shashi everytime he realizes that he can't be here with cheer up Raki n walk towards happiness...and Shashi is not far from you, he is with u every moment u think of him...right there in ur heart...

  3. @ RockSta

    Thank You!!

    @ Shilz

    hE hEE.. True Shillu, totally agree..
    I spoke to him today and nice to know that he is settled there.
    Neighbors are Indians itsms.. So no worries!

  4. Great to know that bro :)keep smiling..we are all with u too


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