Thursday, April 9

Hats off to the greenest firm in India!

Currently, Wipro Infotech is top green firm in India. The firm has been rated as the No. 1 green brand in our country as per the latest edition of Greenpeace’s ‘Guide to greener electronics’ ranking. Also, Wipro Infotech is one among the list of top five global green brands in the world. With this, Wipro has not only reasserted its top position among Indian IT brands, but has also marked a place in the league of top-five global green brands. Wipro could acieve this mainly due to its efforts its efforts in energy efficiency and for managing e-wastes effectively.


  1. A lot of change coupled with innovation must have gone into it. Trust me, it is really frustrating and time consuming. If people are not willing to change, there is nothing to do.

    In saying that, it speaks volumes for what Wipro has achieved, how much it has achieved and how quickly it has achieved.

  2. True Rocksta, completely agree with u :-)


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