Friday, June 26

Bengaluru Speaks: NAMMA BENGALURU?

Dear friend,


Come join us for the 11th session of


Bengaluru Speaks

An evening of uncommon conversation.


This Month's theme: 

Civic Spaces to Engage, Enhance, Enjoy

SATURDAY, June 27th

4.30pm -7.00pm


Goethe-Institut /Max Mueller Bhavan (716 CMH RoadIndiranagar 1st Stage (opposite MK Ahmed Retail Store), Bangalore 560 0380)

Come engage in honest and constructive conversations about issues that matter to you and your city.

Last month's Dialogue was “Dare to be an agent of Change? Your Wish List for the New Government”. It allowed participants to share their thoughts about the role of the government in bringing about real change in the society. Participants brain stormed concrete ideas as to how they themselves could contribute positively to changing the society.


Through insightful discussions, groups of participants were invited to understand people who have different backgrounds and perspectives on the issue. Most participants got new insights from the exercise and learnt about ways they could bridge the gap between what the government is doing and what they want at the local level.


This month, Meta-Culture Dialogics (MCD) will encourage participants to explore the topic:


Civic Spaces to Engage, Enhance, Enjoy.

We would like to provide a platform for citizens of Bengaluru to share their thoughts on how they can connect in deeper ways with Bengaluru, and share ideas about how they can improve and benefit from the city.


The dialogue will help participants vocalize their hopes and aspirations for our Bengaluru. Participants will share their thoughts on pertinent questions that will be posed to them, as well as, have the opportunity to converse with fellow citizens of Bangalore about relevant issues, in a respectful and safe space.


All are welcome.  Invite your neighbours, colleagues and friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Bengaluru Speaks is hosted by Meta-Culture. We work to build peaceable and sustainable communities by changing how individuals and groups in conflict talk with each other.

For more information about Bengaluru Speaks, Meta-Culture, facilitation, and dialogue, contact us on 080-4152-4785 or or visit our website

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